9.0.2020.505 0.81%
9.0.2018.391 17.89%
9.0.2013.292 2.44%
9.0.2011.263 3.25%
9.0.2008.177 6.50%
9.0.2007.172 3.25%
9.0.2006.159 15.45% 13.82% 7.32% 0.81% 3.25% 0.81% 1.63% 5.69% 3.25% 4.07% 3.25% 1.63% 1.63% 1.63%
7.0.1506.315 1.63%



avast! Antivirus by AVAST Software a.s. (Signed)

Remove aswCmnBS.dll


aswcmnbs.dll has 21 known versions, the most recent one is 9.0.2020.505. The average file size is about 409.16 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to AVAST Software a.s. by the certification authority DigiCert Inc. The programs avast! Internet Security, avast! Free Antivirus and Ventrilo Client for Windows x64 have been observed as installing specific variations of aswcmnbs.dll.


File name:aswcmnbs.dll
Publisher:AVAST Software
Product name:avast! Antivirus
Description:Common functions
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\avast software\avast\aswcmnbs.dll
Issued to:AVAST Software a.s.
Authority (CA):DigiCert Inc
Effective date:Thursday, July 11, 2013
Expiration date:Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of avast! Antivirus.)
AVAST Software
5% remove
avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented by avast! SafeZone™ and new hybrid cloud technologies, for best protection against v...
AVAST Software
9% remove
Avast! Free Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus and anti-spyware scanning and removal product that offers a web-reputation browser extension as well as virtualization technology. Accurate threat up...
AVAST Software
7% remove
Avast Pro Antivirus is for individuals or companies that want customizable computer security that will integrate easily with an existing firewall. It has all the features of Avast Free Antivirus, plus...
AVAST Software
4% remove
Puts all the latest security technology at your fingertips. Comes with advanced privacy tools, full remote access, and a software update manager, to keep your most important programs updated. avast! P...
AVAST Software
6% remove
AVAST Software
7% remove
AVAST Software
4% remove
AVAST Software
1% remove
Flagship Industries, Inc.
9% remove
Ventrilo is comprised of two primary Components: The Client that every end user will need to download, and the Server. Only one person needs to host a Server that all of the other Clients will connect...

VersionsAll file variations of aswcmnbs.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
46a9d2dc78d86f0815881761d11a7d98 fe29da6d3290a8cebf0a5202a67b2c395b02e615 341.88 KB
6befb8b4b3a3c2ff7deada170f2d35c5 684ef24cb8944d1adb9a01e1c5e44e4d112cb3dc 372.54 KB
c255ed6db3110f1441b9d9a620f3d819 0f317431c9cfd83824e2bcfa4555348ec5caa7aa 352.95 KB
1b36b7d2c9a9ca6c8a3f8dcb2ff0fd42 39f3e3b814d04556521cbf9ec9cc095e5c95c521 352.95 KB
e4141b44c49d785c1eab6eeff0907d3d 962a6ba1444a0d6efdb29971fb45b54afef9647d 350.42 KB
9730bc09f2834fd2ca32a79a57eed688 49e82fa50c8f2310eb6f865038f266728b1aae49 350.42 KB
4d9b8c54c0a4127dc312e32b6bf8eae3 eb10ac1b74123c4aee0a88a5f30d1a41b61e0c6d 350.42 KB
f7075ed9bddea0939a22ef992d6b196d 537adde18f12fe3aa21ecea726d855c7aaece026 421.84 KB
b7afdbfb6761debc87ef3e2021e25503 63027c9fbf9ebe220af2af30572a5fd337ab5150 416.32 KB
c86486f36935ec47b5f2e7d0da3c73fa f56248591c8f165f3c2581da45a4d51cd177f462 428.37 KB
1999a7aca074efd52321eeb3b9cd0f44 56e306be4f206a35784c8f711ffd8a340b3ed1a9 451.01 KB
961a27dd3b2682ce4b294fd7e11b484c 986ae229df1d76359c1bc2c9fa43c0f4decc3296 445.46 KB
0ffdf69cb2b153ed54bc5c519a908aec c3294fdf1e9ff8804d2da1fea66fb9253c0d3d6d 445.96 KB
aab18600e6c529b391e593b690628487 13e5bcac6153a6579ebbc938e21d11f2d23aa229 445.46 KB
b6719791baf879cdaed95f5560884da7 f69422448ce492c3a7520b4b20698f92c6e54150 445.96 KB
f7c456cf584107700a06d0bc8e6fd8fc 1ae503c53e5c1ffee13c03d10533a8847d8bfc06 444.96 KB
25cae3c2adec7299692700e8f83b3bdc a3dffc84764e12e66ba9a43a0f1380e7d1506011 443.96 KB
5efb5a6b90b2621ece0dcc6dd85001ad acef78f5a79edf4a8eefd6d64cdfce8ceae52e20 443.96 KB
c7b30cfc413d92153d47d439e594a30b dc04c5ad9b4dfb826b7bffe8e050c28ca60ba0af 443.96 KB
95f8cb8292e2e7576a25d62bdebdc7a1 fcf8c8993b18a6986cdcfdf0cd992d6c57b4d9bc 434.91 KB
2a4b6c92500b4811bc6953e11443e4d8 50393f79243fe222959e7de3388ed9c1e1b06004 408.73 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 34.71%
Windows 7 Ultimate 15.70%
Windows 8.1 10.74%
Windows 8.1 Pro 5.79%
Windows 7 Professional 4.96%
Windows 8 4.96%
Microsoft Windows XP 4.96%
Windows 8 Pro 4.13%
Windows 8 Single Language 3.31%
Windows 7 Home Basic 2.48%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 1.65%
Windows Vista Home Premium 1.65%
Windows 8 Enterprise 1.65%
Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation 1.65%
Windows 8.1 Enterprise 1.65%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 28.10% of avast! Antivirus.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Hewlett-Packard 18.18%
ASUS 18.18%
Dell 16.97%
Toshiba 13.33%
Lenovo 12.12%
Acer 7.88%
Samsung 3.64%
Intel 2.42%
Sahara 1.21%
Alienware 1.21%
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