3.05.2284 24.11%
3.05.2284 21.28%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 2.84%
3.05.2284 1.42%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 9.22%
3.05.2284 23.40%
3.05.2284 7.09%
3.05.2284 3.55%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 0.71%
3.05.2284 1.42%
3.05.2284 1.42%
(Note, Microsoft publishes each variation of this file with the same version, but the hashes are unique.)



Microsoft Visual C++ by Microsoft

Remove atl.dll
This is a Windows system installed file with Windows File Protection (WFP) enabled.


There are 16 versions of atl.dll in the wild, the latest version being 3.05.2284. The average file size is about 70.09 KB. The programs User Profile Hive Cleanup Service, AutoCAD Mechanical 2000i and Duplicate Scorer Dependencies (64 bit) have been observed as installing specific variations of atl.dll.

What is atl.dll?

ATL Module for Windows XP (Unicode). The Active Template Library (ATL) is a set of template-based C++ classes developed by Microsoft, intended to simplify the programming of Component Object Model (COM) objects. The COM support in Microsoft Visual C++ allows developers to create a variety of COM objects, OLE Automation servers, and ActiveX controls.


File name:atl.dll
Publisher:Microsoft Corporation
Product name:Microsoft (R) Visual C++
Description:ATL Module for Windows XP (Unicode)
Typical file path:C:\Windows\System32\atl.dll
Original name:ATL.DLL.MUI

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Microsoft (R) Visual C++.)
AOL Inc.
26% remove
When you delete applications and files from your computer, all kinds of junk gets left behind. Worse yet, hidden traces from your Internet browsing history can expose sensitive data and compromise pri...
Autodesk, Inc.
1% remove
AutoCADĀ® Mechanical design software is AutoCAD software built for manufacturing. Part of the Digital Prototyping solution, it includes all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus libraries of standards-bas...
Autodesk, Inc.
5% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
2% remove
AutoCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. The software supports both 2D and 3D formats. The native file format of AutoCAD is .dwg. This and, to a lesser extent, i...
Autodesk, Inc.
6% remove
AutoCAD LT 2000i is the low-cost, professional 2D CAD program that's packed with precision, efficiency, speed . . . and now, Internet-driven design. Easy to use Internet tools--plus new plotting and d...
Autodesk, Inc.
9% remove
Capture design concepts with AutoCAD LT software for PC. Create precise 2D technical drawings that you can easily edit, repurpose and share. Increase productivity: With a consistent focus on drafting ...
Autodesk, Inc.
3% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
5% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
7% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
8% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
6% remove
Autodesk, Inc.
5% remove
Chargoon Co.
3% remove
3% remove
Microsoft Corporation
1% remove
The User Profile Hive Cleanup service helps to ensure user sessions are completely terminated when a user logs off. System processes and applications occasionally maintain connections to registry keys...
Samsung Electronics CO., LTD.
8% remove
Smart Advisor Care Center is a quick and easy way of checking the set up on your Samsung device. The application actively checks all the settings on your phone and will help you find and fix any issu...
7% remove
Duplicate Scorer now has facilities to generate an EBU Pay-to-Play report file. The EBU Pay-to-Play scheme does not come into force until April 2010 but clubs intending to remain affiliated to the EBU...
  52% remove
Keep your PCs running smoothly and securely with our NEW Computer Performance Tool. Our comprehensive suite of over 21 easy-to-use tools to help keep your computers and laptops running smoothly and se...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of atl.dll, select a unique version for details.)
ActiveX installs
  • {CF40ACC5-E1BB-4AFF-AC72-04C2F616BCA7}
  • {C0B2F53E-5E61-4856-B314-FE9AE262A796}
  • {9F84D013-66B3-4AB7-946B-11A920A55F06}
  • {E2883E8F-472F-4FB0-9522-AC9BF37916A7}

VersionsAll file variations of atl.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
224fb925c641da16ceb6d60f40ca4c75 571921057c5ce0b6c0d6422a6298f396e1b11d63 57.5 KB
409f36c8bd06fce184631eb4142b009a 71d3a36b0fef6046af8ea65c5fba9fc80f0667ab 70 KB
22595c115fe079440eaa00288ca11da2 9c1adf7605559ed035d44b1e6251cd7b74f740ae 57.5 KB
72f2cfc7653fb5abb85789d28e26a643 887b70084246d17aab9d8911ef66051a07caf028 57.5 KB
6c7c1da920eff48bc9bfea8b6e2f26d3 ce7743fc9a7a113a685bd769fb5b93736f512e8f 57.5 KB
35979494dabaf115f5ffa960830817df 28ebb84785a49043e6e218abd1947161b46da1ba 70 KB
f10e5311e5093fa3c00ff88c54c32fca 976eb9973aab2b629cee324be5aed48f8d352ee2 68.5 KB
58775492ffd419248b08325e583c527f b0e9ca05d46cb53049c4ca33fe04bd08989a78f9 88.5 KB
7fc9afdd2a2acfcb52fb05d57fe8c2f4 9892fc733e0c2a72f92284db65c3003ddaa40116 86.5 KB
f235600515ad6cbe06db440fbb7c8e01 e8fd08b88ce674accacff8f74415cd53522d5a41 100.5 KB
916a341c23c8a1d7cb2d338cbd95d41f b17e0b3069859b4c11a38f7f576d6854758cbc12 81 KB
a17a2e0e7fc1f3c236d6d9b469538005 d7c11ba25ae25ac122f5865a34ef1564d3c98ecc 57.5 KB
70374cd440a130b28dcced04ad1949ce 9e1f38559afc01e2626ad77f05572793c1e4876c 96.5 KB
fba0b991f59fe2b1a5b54cfd7395de48 407acc4cc340e28523921c3eae1176b60af97439 57.5 KB
f57bf5b1b0964969ed668c869be2cd51 64f99b86fa4b7b15d0c1d01df3d3018003a6c1c9 57.5 KB
8469f1e608c5917c944e9e73fe9d2300 a63e2866a7a0710a6d183eec011d0ea1cba6a3cf 57.5 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows Vista Home Premium 29.91%
Windows 7 Home Premium 25.23%
Microsoft Windows XP 13.08%
Windows 7 Ultimate 11.21%
Windows 7 Professional 3.74%
Windows Vista Ultimate 3.74%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 2.80%
Windows 8 Pro 2.80%
Windows Vista Business 2.80%
Windows Vista Home Basic 1.87%
Windows 7 Enterprise 1.87%
Windows 7 Starter 0.93%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 59.43% of Microsoft (R) Visual C++.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Hewlett-Packard 29.51%
Dell 19.67%
Acer 11.48%
Sony 9.84%
ASUS 6.56%
Gateway 6.56%
American Megatrends 3.28%
Toshiba 3.28%
Lenovo 3.28%
Sahara 1.64%
Samsung 1.64%
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