VersionsVersions 1.29% 0.26% 0.26% 0.52% 2.58% 0.26% 2.06% 0.26% 1.55% 0.26% 0.26% 14.69% 0.52% 14.18% 0.26% 8.51% 0.26% 16.24% 0.52% 0.77% 0.26% 3.35% 15.46% 0.52% 0.26% 3.35% 0.26% 1.03% 0.26% 0.26% 1.03% 7.73% 0.77%



Symantec Security Technologies by Symantec Corporation (Signed)

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ccgevt.dll has 33 known versions, the most recent one is The average file size is about 311.35 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Symantec Corporation by the certification authority VeriSign. The programs Norton Management, Norton AntiVirus and Norton AntiVirus Classic have been observed as installing specific variations of ccgevt.dll. This is a .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) assembly.

What is ccgevt.dll?

Symantec ccGenericEvent Engine for Norton 360 by Symantec, is marketed as an all-in-one Windows PC security suite that includes an antivirus, a personal firewall, a phishing protection program and a backup program. What distinguishes this suite from Norton Internet Security is the inclusion of file backup and PC maintenance capabilities. Norton 360 is distributed as a download, a box copy, or is preinstalled on computers as OEM software.

About ccgevt.dll (from Symantec Corporation)

Norton 360 delivers all-in-one security for everything the computer users in your family care about, providing automatic and transparent protection from viruses, spyware, fraudulent Web sites, phishin


File name:ccgevt.dll
Publisher:Symantec Corporation
Product name:Symantec Security Technologies
Description:Symantec ccGenericEvent Engine
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\norton 360\engine64\\ccgevt.dll
Issued to:Symantec Corporation
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Saturday, November 23, 2013

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Symantec Security Technologies.)
Symantec Corporation
25% remove
Norton Management lets you manage all of your Norton products and Norton product keys from one location. You can add your devices such as personal computers and laptops to Norton Management and remote...
Symantec Corporation
1% remove
Basic antivirus protection that stops viruses and spyware, so you can safely go online and share. Five patented layers of protection quickly and accurately detect and eliminate viruses and spyware. Pr...
Symantec Corporation
3% remove
Norton Internet Security, developed by Symantec Corporation, is a computer program that provides malware prevention and removal during subscription period and uses signatures and heuristics to identif...
Symantec Corporation
3% remove
Norton 360, developed by Symantec, is marketed as an "all-in-one" computer security suite. The package includes an antivirus, a personal firewall, a phishing protection program and a backup program. W...
Symantec Corporation
12% remove
Norton 360, developed by Symantec, is marketed as an "all-in-one" computer security suite. The package includes an antivirus, a personal firewall, a phishing protection program and a backup program. W...
Symantec Corporation
50% remove
Powered by Norton 360 Technology. XFINITY Internet customers can now get the #1 ranked Norton Security Suite at no additional charge. Protects against viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and...
Symantec Corporation
7% remove
Norton Anti-Theft helps you quickly lock and find your PC laptop, MacBook, tablet or smartphone - and protect the invaluable information contained on it - if it's ever lost or stolen. And you can use ...
Symantec Corporation
10% remove
Norton Business Suite is a Comcast branded versions of Norton 360 with one difference. This Comcast versions does not offer online backup space. The software does include a backup utility but you can ...
Symantec Corporation
12% remove
Norton ™ Identity Safe is a password manager that makes logging into your favorite web sites easier, faster and more secure. Never again forget a user name or password. Ever. Stop filling in the same...
Symantec Corporation
3% remove
With Norton One you get a new membership that makes it easy to protect multiple computers and devices. Secure any combination of five Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices with always up-to-da...
Symantec Corporation
10% remove
Norton Internet Security CBE is a free computer program that provides malware prevention and removal during subscription period and uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses. Other features i...
Symantec Corporation
21% remove
Norton Safe Web Lite provides a safer search experience by warning you of dangerous Web sites right in your search results, so you can search, browse, and shop online without worry. Norton Safe Web L...
Symantec Corporation
10% remove
Share a folder with friends, family or co-workers and everyone can access, edit and share anything with you in that folder. And when you put your Stuff into Zone, you can access it across your devices...
Symantec Corporation
12% remove
Symantec Corporation
9% remove
Customers have embraced Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 faster than any previous release. In Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2, we've worked hard to further the Unrivaled Security, Blazing Performan...
Symantec Corporation
5% remove
Norton Family gives you insight into where your kids go and what they do online. So you can keep them safe and teach them good Internet habits. An easy-to-read activity report shows you at a glance A...
Symantec Corporation
5% remove
Keep copies of your irreplaceable digital photos and important files safe from loss with secured, easy-to-use, professional-grade online backup. Norton Online Backup lets you quickly and easily recove...
Symantec Corporation
8% remove
Norton AntiVirus 2009 Classic does not include spyware or adware detection. The Classic edition is marketed alongside Norton AntiVirus 2009, which does include spyware and adware detection. Two variat...

VersionsAll file variations of ccgevt.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
e9fd232a7fc8d0237e30e2c8f96d7b1b ccfd4034a161f98f5c3ee860991ecaf28a6a94cb 277.88 KB
264582cd9243227612f258f69c11ec88 5bf5c94ea69f3065f78e7891f0f89cc50f413f19 195.38 KB
d631cde583b8465fb2fb4434864b2e9e 8d42497c62fff318b555e83a6f5e6c795570c39e 277.87 KB
70de615623555a16ee8fa63f96c6b9e6 e67fb2a0e9c535285fe3f7df46d5b0a0e94d7e03 271.38 KB
c40357844fa3c11b85e883ec18bc6f3f 775a9bd8842358e7886d00a1eed674cfb9d7ed73 282.63 KB
cc10f682902326db0d16700caac7809c a871b7322d3bdabc861cef67d119962fc6bb14fe 434.13 KB
f585879b37894bec67be0f3d12035211 4cd4fad1a09217c1d9b2f2d658bb089c5d6ab955 281.38 KB
252529259a5859895a51c4e3180d92af 48611ef0469ffb560daa0b75736897d71da2e261 432.38 KB
b607ed5d714fd7ea4253a931dba4be57 14192943f1e3a22c56ef98cff2a4e7f664f5b37b 281.38 KB
9f727610ce5a3cc8a3c2788dcd68f0a6 20dc148037dd613f87366d335bea8d667904cb4c 432.38 KB
7099f627565dfe8f9a4a18b0197e922e 2142bc7e99897d89d06b90e906d1b448b025a7a1 281.38 KB
67780a0ef83c92a5db517953c95344e1 0e6b111a9c0b973b7318ba05a96587930d658121 282.38 KB
e5c65960bd89fe803fab301b771369db 135af9da1866f199db53a122d45bb6f27cc9b1a0 433.38 KB
cc19133ab94723a75727d632c24d1b13 5142ee86619b3653965b200eaf3ff57bd51246af 282.53 KB
71d066b01e99c3a3dc68dd4d7c6f0364 fe4d4a171e2bf7b2b0d21dffa773486728d4ef81 433.53 KB
575e80d2b1a8112df130acdbf7c0081d c267d82275e8383287a13da1951492202fa57016 281.95 KB
15822285b6ebba8fcd4284b350c9b23f ff599ea41f0296cb92c6ef4a1415299edbad9b87 432.95 KB
48e33d9b6c2e9ed45e3e63ecbced2941 25961a595fa6b47ccbee702edbbaa959322f4015 281.95 KB
16dffddeec841ef3b3f102e8804b8e19 0c1d53cd4819abb5f2b2aaefe5d85be2e1951c14 432.95 KB
a44ea8d5dd1b45e93b3784ff1b66f119 f0f83327492e089e15a12b341d4561507b72c403 281.95 KB
6c13d59120146ccdc5ea89a9b4a5c1fb 99844d2ff72793ebba4002d0bd3622a97c2c258e 432.95 KB
ec0505ae5ff2ee4966c73cc308dd098b 7c705d96e2b4a41bd194c04ac391026221842f04 281.95 KB
3a9738a0c71a9a5098356bd3aa46d0bd 4ad56032808572ee3454b69672bb54a8ed67b732 285.95 KB
35e471d06e9400b7675883d4ba260567 6d910f8db0966458a0167cb2320f93fd74423c25 285.91 KB
e215110df049874e42208f88ac35f470 1c9322a3587c09610c959e83355073a392cb2eaa 285.88 KB
bbfed4a3a7cc264599f35d0c11af5758 829a2b1224edb603ccff24d51c13d8cfd13e467f 285.88 KB
d57e7acac9bcfd70301df576193cb354 f82e06fc0f281e8ad6ef2993746b24e9cdd0d8e0 285.88 KB
8b404f6f1ca17f3e30d4896db6accd47 c63ecd716da303e74cb26e7a66e304252c995074 284.88 KB
b3290d40659e1e398c3b7f5be0856edd fcde70dcd80a976e848125fd35e7f6b414f2c656 284.88 KB
daaa2b89dc7575cae0f81d178887bcc0 dc9931d1acfa615924c8132d8cf7172cfdeb1127 199.38 KB
19abec1e1b62487a0c61116368066caf 2e0c293b5510d89f4b9af2dd0b0ccf23c21036ee 199.38 KB
ef4e4231057f9887cda435a0697a8334 78d87144a766e1ebc86f9389412f77efa1fb54ca 284.88 KB
bb3803fca50a68466e810c13cdd426d2 15886ef6a0ad95837ab1feb0317c3a3a29b0f45e 284.87 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 41.60%
Windows 8 13.18%
Windows Vista Home Premium 9.30%
Microsoft Windows XP 7.75%
Windows 7 Ultimate 6.20%
Windows 8 Pro 5.94%
Windows 7 Professional 5.43%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 2.33%
Windows 8.1 1.81%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.81%
Windows 8.1 Pro 1.29%
Windows 8 Enterprise 0.78%
Windows 7 Starter 0.78%
Windows Vista Home Basic 0.52%
Windows Se7en Titan 0.26%
Windows Developer Preview 0.26%
Windows 8 Single Language 0.26%
Windows Vista Business 0.26%
Windows 7 Ultimate N 0.26%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 64.06% of Symantec Security Technologies.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Hewlett-Packard 28.44%
Toshiba 23.85%
Dell 15.29%
Acer 12.84%
ASUS 6.12%
Sony 3.67%
Intel 1.83%
MSI 1.22%
American Megatrends 1.22%
Lenovo 1.22%
Samsung 0.92%
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