12,8,957,0 13.95%
12,8,839,0 5.23%
12,8,737,0 0.58%
12,1,317,0 0.58%
12,1,317,0 0.58%
12,1,231,0 2.91%
12,0,610,0 0.58%
12,0,610,0 0.58%
11,6,505,0 16.28%
11,6,505,0 0.58%
11,6,476,0 16.86%
11,6,476,0 10.47%
11,6,434,0 20.35%
11,6,434,0 2.91%
11,6,385,0 0.58%
11,6,385,0 2.33%
11,0,669,0 0.58%
11,0,669,0 1.74%
11,0,644,0 0.58%
9,15,160,0 0.58%
9,11,123,0 0.58%
9,0,286,0 0.58%



McAfee SecurityCenter by McAfee (Signed)

Remove mcagent.exe


There are 22 versions of mcagent.exe in the wild, the latest version being 12,8,957,0. mcagent.exe is run as a standard windows process with the logged in user's account privileges. During installation, a run registry key for all users is added that will cause the program to run each time any user logs on to Windows. The average file size is about 995.04 KB. The file is a digitally signed and issued to McAfee by VeriSign. Some variations of the file have been seen to be installed with the program McAfee Internet Security from McAfee, Inc.. During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is about 0.0093% including both foreground and background operations, the average private memory consumption is about 34.08 MB. Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 131.22 KB per minute for reads and 8.73 KB per minute for writes.

What is mcagent.exe?

McAfee SecurityCenter is a security solution that allows users to monitor their computer's security status and to know instantly whether their computer's virus, spyware, e-mail, and firewall protection services are up-to-date. Most McAfee SecurityCenter builds offer trial subscriptions to McAfee’s security software. The program generates security alerts which notify users about emergency virus outbreaks and other important security related messages.

About mcagent.exe (from McAfee)

McAfee SecurityCenter is comprehensive security that will deliver proactive protection and has been designed for your PC, with over 6,000 new online threats discovered everyday your McAfee software is


File name:mcagent.exe
Publisher:McAfee, Inc.
Product name:McAfee SecurityCenter
Description:McAfee Security Center
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\\agent\mcagent.exe
Issued to:McAfee
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Effective date:Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Expiration date:Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of McAfee SecurityCenter.)
McAfee, Inc.
7% remove
McAfee VirusScan is an antivirus program created and maintained by McAfee Inc. McAfee markets VirusScan to home and home-office users; McAfee also develops VirusScan Enterprise for use in corporate en...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of mcagent.exe, select a unique version for details.)
Startup files (all users) run
Runs under the registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run'
  • 'mcagent_exe' → C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe /runkey
  • 'mcpltui_exe' → "C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe" /runkey
  • 'mcui_exe' → "C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe" /runkey

VersionsAll file variations of mcagent.exe

MD5SHA-1File size
04679e0dc30077ec1164be82f2a2adc9 b2663ac43504ffb1ae3fcac6c6d59a795898bb76 525.38 KB
efa334917657a01479ed0cf1920fce9c 2e598cd9a95e36331a6fd3b56a213aaec37436d5 524.91 KB
20b9fe814014a2aa501c7406d057475a 2b146aa4d8f5c74f17fcc2afa0ec19d9145334dd 524.91 KB
d8bd6f93954e68d565a7aece3273f42d 8a72b4bf4a5689496389ab95aedc3b611bfeead7 503.8 KB
da8858820da6d7f93622b738459910e8 549533f4ef08c9018d6199dd133fca2c5bc57985 443.95 KB
b26d229aa7b53dcf9ba636bf1dbba8aa 62ff3fc266d22bb32b8b35aafe5b1e4109681b77 443.52 KB
93153a6135ce613ad6372b0ee949184c 225e90c0e0e9ef1ae401c7052549c55b4cbe0ac5 502.37 KB
8243b8027fe13238c8a2aba578b19ca1 02a5853ea5d4fc5dcc7f01cae82a4c6ff959184e 442.52 KB
c01d00095278a1ec35046eb0945ea371 41f59349301d31b38b78f8176836232be5066518 1.46 MB
744b13b59f3201dbcb52e469c4798531 150bd99cf719f0ef1fb75c3099f343ca0278c12c 1.22 MB
adcb9a3cc1db2f027be463824a1d6f42 cb413c25bca5aa703dc7572b9d574c29a9463a1d 1.46 MB
e99d7fbb1a8c40f92465e34d1260e226 75e3e51257aeac7787ada9817506cf468640aebf 1.22 MB
459b0681b6ba1bc2dd4e38fbfe5b6816 d1d3dab13faba658d45371610b37ebb567546fbe 1.46 MB
581a9fe27c17b1679085a066b069b65d 6f3313f432320ea8f1823d6b80235fc89b66945e 1.22 MB
1f701b53b64ebc11ddac40e72df3720c 80863cecf1def2d450896d8ed72b3e27009c9fb1 1.21 MB
b6deeb171382deb54ea7d9f9f29f3dfb 20cb4a138b8fbc7f6e48c00626b77cb6aa5d8ec9 1.46 MB
488a04a29b4187478461fd564bdb7811 6376f35afddc6dc9d041b1774c366896783d6b4b 1.26 MB
0f823d531bc90cb175c6a61b96ca3d4c 2970faacc19362c3d03ed9f7db16d7ff9b7d5db9 1.6 MB
9af163512b609bf2fe1c88d2d8a8f964 10ded9f3f946951b168a28771843447efd2d8562 1.6 MB
796ad8ebea1cbc334d07fcbe152e6167 f0c7509083a54b967d4d935e4e150c86fc87354b 1.16 MB
642abcd41d4a20556901f08259a98653 1ef1ffcfba616e3922d23786eaebe75eb4b30566 630.2 KB
6e1aa17e2758d565af541a213dd1a217 1d7e5b263257ca17d146617e752862f2e086603c 626.18 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 39.53%
Windows 8 18.60%
Windows 8.1 6.98%
Windows Vista Home Premium 5.23%
Microsoft Windows XP 5.23%
Windows 8 Single Language 4.07%
Windows 7 Ultimate 4.07%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 3.49%
Windows 7 Starter 3.49%
Windows 7 Professional 2.91%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 2.33%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 1.16%
Windows 8 Pro 1.16%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.16%
Windows 7 Ultimate N 0.58%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 62.79% of McAfee SecurityCenter.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 28.72%
ASUS 16.41%
Sony 14.36%
Acer 13.33%
Hewlett-Packard 10.77%
Toshiba 8.21%
Lenovo 3.08%
Intel 3.08%
Alienware 1.03%
Gateway 1.03%
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