VersionsVersions 2.90% 0.32% 0.32% 0.32% 0.32% 0.97% 0.32% 4.84% 6.13% 0.32% 1.29% 0.32% 0.32% 2.58% 5.48% 2.58% 2.26% 4.84% 1.61% 0.32% 4.19% 4.19% 5.81% 3.87% 8.06% 3.23% 1.94% 27.74% 1.29% 0.32% 0.32% 0.32% 0.32%



Google Talk Plugin by Google Inc (Signed)

Remove npgoogletalk.dll


npgoogletalk.dll has 33 known versions, the most recent one is The average file size is about 309.82 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Google Inc by the certification authority VeriSign. Numerous variations of npgoogletalk.dll have been installed with both Cisco WebEx Meetings and WebEx.

What is npgoogletalk.dll?

Google Talk is an instant messaging service that provides both text and voice communication. The instant messaging service is colloquially known as "gchat" to its users, although Google does not endorse this name. Google Talk is also the name of the client applications offered by Google to access the service.

About npgoogletalk.dll (from Google Inc)

Google Talk, a downloadable chat application by Google. Since sometimes reading "lol" doesn't deliver the same punch as actually hearing your friend laugh at your jokes, you can now use voice and vide


File name:npgoogletalk.dll
Product name:Google Talk Plugin
Typical file path:C:\users\user\appdata\roaming\mozilla\plugins\npgoogletalk.dll
Issued to:Google Inc
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Thursday, November 13, 2014

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Google Talk Plugin.)
Cisco WebEx LLC
5% remove
WebEx Meetings for collaboration allows you take care of business more efficiently by eliminating back-and-forth email. Show documents, applications and your desktop to remote attendees in real time. ...
Cisco WebEx LLC
7% remove
Meet, collaborate, and share in a whole new way. It's easy to prepare because everything you need is in one place. Share anything on your computer and generate ideas fast. Next steps are crystal clear...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of npgoogletalk.dll, select a unique version for details.)
Google Chrome plugins
Stored per user in the directory 'Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences'
  • Name: 'npgoogletalk.dll'
Mozilla plugins
  • Google Talk Plugin

VersionsAll file variations of npgoogletalk.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
dd31f0c436e4f5e6fa9783ff8a80adc1 aa09ce0d50bee936be33de1e91bcffe9a4333a71 319.88 KB
ce936f5d5a19a82627dbc3381658cd2f b05cbefc05fe008fab3899148be6dee59b7fc2ad 319.88 KB
7edd991c076f76cdf7c10b0487def155 d5b5149fef2d9042091d4276da995d42138bbdaa 318.38 KB
87e1d5f3037195d044b60bbda2962396 6403845a3e4aa2289d9360d8ebaf584eab3ea8f2 317.88 KB
f87d7eb5573c0a84d8d460c54cbc5585 18aaa2c6e98cad4bd7d9cc27f9881866685f2613 318.38 KB
7ea0d273e0187134bf2b93493bac54f0 f2e4c0f88b023ef7d02af2dd32487709a9668157 317.88 KB
a0d63d14016c75d718f5432b13fc6576 b3d940a38243f49d216868a97563076b4e53192e 317.88 KB
af42019a3b0edbfa6878f75b9377a792 aea927601132679b5d3fc01fe478dcdae83c68bb 315.01 KB
683b6a2376fa62a797a9dc83807caca8 9249b8b4620b8bcaa3652fe99e2190fe3bfb9fea 314.01 KB
4f76137bb1aba05a9bdcc87f84f793e4 130fa52714f1a76442bacd933c703afa85ad2ede 314.01 KB
ba6b92b8d1493c958c6cce0a8dec57cd 9c13928666fdb0243f37138e4af64eb73ca6ef1a 312.01 KB
406fea1d002ed8b842e665cbe1314a5f ac538ca8dd6bc247c21f81868fa813010d3a8624 312.01 KB
3b9b4fd47855f65b3f5894d0ed2647a3 3e3298519fccb8afec16b3c183b734aa5a0a0f20 312.01 KB
cabbd15f47f7559af0caa074d9350a1d 64ce299c80bd7e053f14f689c4468b3b93ee9ac0 296.51 KB
2771dbf7697e575cc03a8e555f3d64ca f7102d326b8db3614988fc3956b29619a0bf287b 296.51 KB
ef549d4f383a9152313410c52963cafb 029a3a995d41e8c1d88cf94d84ce427951da0429 295.51 KB
96ca51d6171db07a50a39fee896795a4 c07120679632a37b4321060d3cc70232f06b6cd8 295.51 KB
a1ccce19a73366eceed664af9c60b2ed ff2c673d9a82f628cbdcd188782030b8dfa9f4a0 295.51 KB
18c9cddcac43822eb091bb4b81483220 e5a8bda03adc854f43fcf9bcacb53658c36920a6 295.51 KB
dd133fed381410e22bc64d205f3bb7f1 6d913a7f2171c59f1e46e07f9b940a6a7e8e741f 295.51 KB
94791a6a73ca71597d67118b5298f653 b6d4a669b1d76e22e46c63bd1a22d86ad2aa9e78 295.51 KB
8fcc7529b1544b13b631611c0ce0f94c 2a3743cd2afc72d9a46275de5815d17a47285682 294.51 KB
416de10c59706b4ab7f90ccd04c1efb0 1b3634847cf7e15be1790e467ec0ab5ba7a42387 317.01 KB
07ff4cbae4ee041f36f02f4a7a4ddbc7 7b46e370193215f769cdc1d924e1902c1729dde1 317.01 KB
9d3c4180bdb7d8c7afc0861bf24360f0 4e7d40c2c517c7adfd5c5a71c30e1a117ec9aaf3 317.01 KB
1fb3ba0f4d45a301cefea82bb3e6c65a e934a5a08451ef780a07d090f34858dd383b4461 317.01 KB
f4df09deb87afe2fd6f5afb9b6c4af1d b7d872c8a18d13a6b5fe2157d3f398812ab69a21 321.01 KB
e54631b36db25082b7998ae7538ba8c8 93c8189cc8f96e2ddafed30d3e5ba46183a29e59 321.52 KB
d983ab4d8a726f5eb3452307986d278c 139b38bcf5608c72a93c87247ffde76ff1f9be47 321.52 KB
64fadb4c9d6b597c349578d9e60b5aca 73e45a2ecb94cbb3add7432829692e822399b499 321.52 KB
fe965cf4366c4600a0c35ca696e39c14 9776705a2605f67d465dda2b001efcc0049bca7e 317.52 KB
219dc86473745d5a1685d45dd3b491c4 901250e6459014b06ea552b6528567c2966c3df8 293.48 KB
ad2c471e10d9af88b80571afbedc2028 a5e2df02ea97c6a5b7b5a221a480a11e6e637bab 289.55 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 35.92%
Windows 7 Ultimate 17.48%
Microsoft Windows XP 12.62%
Windows 7 Professional 9.06%
Windows 8 Pro 6.47%
Windows Vista Home Premium 6.15%
Windows 8 2.59%
Windows Vista Ultimate 2.27%
Windows 8.1 1.62%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.62%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 0.97%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 0.65%
Windows Vista Home Basic 0.65%
Windows 7 Enterprise 0.65%
Windows 8 Enterprise 0.65%
Windows 8 Single Language 0.32%
Windows 8 Release Preview 0.32%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 45.45% of Google Talk Plugin.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 24.03%
Hewlett-Packard 15.90%
Toshiba 13.43%
Acer 11.66%
ASUS 7.77%
Sony 7.77%
Intel 4.24%
Lenovo 3.53%
Gateway 2.12%
American Megatrends 1.77%
Samsung 1.41%
MSI 1.41%
Sahara 1.06%
Alienware 0.71%
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