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22773 2.86%
7dc57 2.86%
3d831 2.86%
2e705 48.57%
d59fb 8.57%
decac 5.71%
1a8b0 2.86%
413e7 2.86%
e2e21 2.86%
5ad02 5.71%
06035 14.29%
(Note, the developer publishes each variation of this file with the same version, but the hashes are unique.)


Warning 80 antivirus scanners has detected malware in various versions of sprotector.dll.


sprotector.dll has 11 known versions, the most recent one is . The average file size is about 962.41 KB. The programs Search Assistant SimpleSpeedy 1.74, SProtector 1.62 and Search Assistant SoftQuick 1.66 have been observed as installing specific variations of sprotector.dll.

What is sprotector.dll?

SProtector has been detected as 'malware' by multiple antivirus products. TrendMicro classifies it as TROJ_GEN.RCBH1L8. ESET calls it a variant of Win32/SProtector.A. QuickHeal identifies SProtector.dll as Worm.SProtector.A3. Avast classifies it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) Win32:SProtector-B [PUP] and DrWeb flags it as Adware.BGuard. The program, specifically the sprotector.dll file is loaded into Google Chrome and connects to the Internet.


File name:sprotector.dll
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\ContinueToSave\sprotector.dll

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of sprotector.dll.)
  82% remove
SaveAs is an adware program that is typically bundled with 3rd party software or installed via a browser exploit. It installs a Browser Helper Object (BHO) in Internet Explorer in order to inject adve...
1% remove
1% remove
Asaf Shapira
  84% remove
This is an adware based web browser hijacker that will modify the user's home page, search settings as well as modify the content of web pages visited in order to inject modfied ads. The publisher of ...
  62% remove
BCool is an ad-supported (users may see additional banner and in-text link advertisements) web browser plugin distributed through various monetization platforms during installation. The browser exten...
  77% remove
ContinueToSave from BetterSoft is an adware program in the form of a process and a web browser plugin. The Plugin is designed to monitor the user's search and browsing habits and deliver advertising b...
BrowseToSave.info (Amazing Apps)
  79% remove
BrowseToSave is an adware program installed into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The programs collects and stores information about web browsing habits and sends this information to its remote ...
Search Assistant SProtector
  87% remove
Search Assistant SimpleSpeedy is an adware program installed into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The programs collects and stores information about web browsing habits and sends this informati...
Search Assistant SProtector
  86% remove
SProtector has been seen being bundled with various know adware programs including ContinueToSave, Search Assistant, JustBrowse, BrowseToSave, EasyLife Search and AppsAreFun. It has been detected as ...
Search Assistant SProtector
  79% remove
Search Assistant WebSearch is an adware program installed into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The programs collects and stores information about web browsing habits and sends this information ...
Search Assistant SProtector
  83% remove
Search Assistant JustBrowse is an adware program installed into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The programs collects and stores information about web browsing habits and sends this information...
Search Assistant SProtector
  88% remove
wxDownload Fast (also known as wxDFast) is a free/open source download manager. It was created to be multi-platform. It is a multi-threaded (aka accelerated or segmented) download manager. This means ...
Search Assistant SProtector
  85% remove
Search Assistant SoftQuick is an adware program installed into Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The programs collects and stores information about web browsing habits and sends this information ...
Vaudix (Amazing Apps)
  69% remove
Vaudix (DropInSaving variant) is a web browser extension for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox that collects and stores information about a user's web browsing habits in order to provide advertisi...
WebPick Internet Holdings Ltd.
43% remove
GadgetBox Toolbar (also an Sprotector variant) is an ad-supported (users may see additional banner and in-text link advertisements) Windows Gadget plugin.

MalwareMalware detections

Based on 40+ industry antivirus scanners, 80 of them detected the following malware.
Antivirus engineEngine versionDetectionFile version
Avira AntiVir BDS/Lease.A 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-B [PUP] 7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589
avast! 6.0.1289.0 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] 3d831685e9439b6424926237e050fcda
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-B [PUP] 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
avast! 6.0.1289.0 Win32:SProtector-B [PUP] e2e21e25df9b24dd978f02d98aa1e689
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
avast! 8.0.1489.320 Win32:SProtector-A [PUP] 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
AVG Sprotect.B 7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589
AVG Generic5.AAFE 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
AVG Generic5.AAFF d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
AVG Sprotect.C decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
AVG Sprotect.B 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
AVG Sprotect.C 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
AVG Generic5.ZKL 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
BitDefender 7.2 Adware.BGuard.B d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
BitDefender 7.2 Adware.Generic.377349 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
CAT Quick Heal 12.00 Worm.SProtector.Gen d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Comodo Internet Security 16139 UnclassifiedMalware 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
Comodo Internet Security 16674 ApplicUnwnt 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
Comodo Internet Security 16713 ApplicUnwnt 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 22773281de231acb5d9348e01fb7b7fa
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.9 7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
Dr.Web Adware.BGuard.11 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Adware.BGuard.B (B) d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Trojan.Win32.SProtector.AMN (A) 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Trojan.Win32.SProtector.AMN (A) e2e21e25df9b24dd978f02d98aa1e689
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Adware.Generic.377349 (B) 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
eSafe Win32.Trojan d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
eSafe Win32.Trojan decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
ESET NOD32 8442 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 22773281de231acb5d9348e01fb7b7fa
ESET NOD32 8479 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589
ESET NOD32 8329 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 3d831685e9439b6424926237e050fcda
ESET NOD32 8545 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
ESET NOD32 8546 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
ESET NOD32 8531 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
ESET NOD32 8290 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
ESET NOD32 8633 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
ESET NOD32 8152 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A e2e21e25df9b24dd978f02d98aa1e689
ESET NOD32 8625 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
ESET NOD32 8652 a variant of Win32/SProtector.A 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
Fortinet Adware/Fam.NB 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
F-Secure 11.0.19100.45 Adware.BGuard.B d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
F-Secure 11.0.19100.45 Adware.Generic.377349 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
G Data 22 Adware.BGuard.B d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
G Data 22 Adware.Generic.377349 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
Kingsoft 2013.4.9.267 Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud) 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
Kingsoft 2013.4.9.267 Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud) 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
McAfee 5.400.0.1158 Artemis!DECAC42EC861 decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
McAfee 5.600.0.1067 Artemis!0603547A50F0 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware 2013 Artemis!DECAC42EC861 decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware 2013 Artemis!0603547A50F0 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
eScan by MicroWorld Adware.BGuard.B d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
eScan by MicroWorld Adware.Generic.377349 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba
NANO AntiVirus Trojan.Win32.Behav034.ziayf 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
Norman 7.01.04 Suspicious_Gen4.BJHND 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
nProtect 2013-06-12.04 Adware.BGuard.B d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Sophos 4.88.0 Mal/Behav-034 1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7
SUPERAntiSpyware Trojan.Agent/Gen decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
The Hacker None Trojan/Sprotector 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
The Hacker None Trojan/Sprotector d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Trend Micro 9.740.0.1012 ADW_SPROTECT 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
Trend Micro 9.740.0.1012 ADW_SPROTECT d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Trend Micro HouseCall 9.700.0.1001 ADW_SPROTECT 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
Trend Micro HouseCall 9.700.0.1001 ADW_SPROTECT d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
Trend Micro HouseCall 9.700.0.1001 TROJ_GEN.R0CBH01GR13 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
VIPRE Antivirus 18972 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT 7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589
VIPRE Antivirus 19424 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT 2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b
VIPRE Antivirus 19430 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6
VIPRE Antivirus 19328 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee
VIPRE Antivirus 20038 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT 413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb
VIPRE Antivirus 19994 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT 5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff
VIPRE Antivirus 20180 Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT 0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba

VersionsAll file variations of sprotector.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
22773281de231acb5d9348e01fb7b7fa 6a5a6446d4e930de8c32eaaf3768e23211373443 924 KB
7dc576a118ac9c2698be73988e705589 5abfebc2a7d34c9054d4ad03950419c6576658f8 1.11 MB
3d831685e9439b6424926237e050fcda 5fb54ab9dd4e8c803fe94e087804afbe05b3a1e4 1.09 MB
2e705785860f95358dc9aa6ed402198b bde434bc951fe761e81d06727fc0265655064ee9 1 MB
d59fb8a196cc8ad8e8bde0c437070cc6 d489b4cd3dda20baf9f72bebb9f2d8c451c5a839 1020 KB
decac42ec861e07d2b0d19ade95339ee 9864fe86170bb03bebd6ec0e6196190a280a4985 1022 KB
1a8b01302741f5e6b33de2918e06e4b7 e1b80685306f8a5bb0b0e8a2fa0fd65ea272597e 316 KB
413e76d3534b8bd2256d9816f8d1f5fb 077d0e3636e566afc25a9c1bdb9fbaa9e9305c59 1006 KB
e2e21e25df9b24dd978f02d98aa1e689 3b7ec227beada2d346689889d6311c0542a0a528 988 KB
5ad02ab70f681d5f2ab94892879938ff 0cc909aba8ddb717772ce2589ad733ddd55d18b7 1.01 MB
0603547a50f0f44af39c712e3206dfba 047969e4208aabb8d9ec04243915a2b2c0c469f5 1008.5 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Microsoft Windows XP 34.29%
Windows 7 Ultimate 25.71%
Windows 7 Home Premium 25.71%
Windows Vista Home Premium 5.71%
Windows 7 Home Basic 5.71%
Windows 7 Professional 2.86%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 14.29% of sprotector.dll.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
ASUS 24.39%
Dell 19.51%
Acer 9.76%
Sony 9.76%
American Megatrends 7.32%
Hewlett-Packard 7.32%
Toshiba 4.88%
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