IDT PC Audio by IDT


There are 32 versions of sttray64.exe in the wild, the latest version being 1.0.6457.0. sttray64.exe is run as a standard windows process with the logged in user's account privileges. During installation, a run registry key for all users is added that will cause the program to run each time any user logs on to Windows. The average file size is about 1010.83 KB. Some variations of the file have been seen to be installed with the program IDT Audio from IDT. The executable is a .NET framework assembly utilizing the CLR. During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is about 0.0009% including both foreground and background operations, the average private memory consumption is about 7.74 MB with the maximum memory reaching around 15.17 MB. Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 254 Bytes per minute for reads and 54 Bytes per minute for writes.

What is sttray64.exe?

sttray64.exe (IDT PC Audio) is the program that runs in the notification area system tray.


File name:sttray64.exe
Publisher:IDT, Inc.
Product name:IDT PC Audio
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\idt\wdm\sttray64.exe

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of IDT PC Audio.)
9% remove
This program contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of sttray64.exe, select a unique version for details.)
Startup files (all users) run
Runs under the registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run'
  • 'SysTrayApp' → C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\sttray64.exe

VersionsAll file variations of sttray64.exe

MD5SHA-1File size
24a1c2c585f21d4fb11684930b464640 567ec7169c425100e0ea265314e05d6a0f9db25a 1.62 MB
31a85304f914c7f48b4b6c9b8078c501 1cb286b1823d6e272cf817e671c1db631ae85462 1.59 MB
eba8621eaac98fb83144c83096f9f836 065d8810a5465fd35b584ff9352cdabe8daaec98 1.59 MB
9277ea3f9b3613bbb31f6e369a3ce71d f393a4fc205b03c74020bc8baffaabe81599e38f 1.59 MB
210875e72c45d712120904128f357233 c94fc5c2e22f26e00c5ba05e8a1e3cb25dec2508 1.59 MB
94bfce236d6340011721470e394056e3 16db22d1827fcdbc41223d9eb7d1ad7d9ec024bc 1.36 MB
21247a9f74da9c8af98e6847f82d07a8 88aaa9e9e40f0896b6d1d66c5597bfabd108049a 1.36 MB
b2c7f6295bbca3db364b9c858e131872 01bd0063017d73919992da4b540887ed3502a21d 1.36 MB
60cb2336dd3707a61e637fc97a4a58dd d5664d94d89bd2d582489050c0905b953542bf76 1.36 MB
4a00e44514b036b01a56057265343ddb f4fee1c04167606a375bf39a73ae4dd3d15af904 1.36 MB
a36d727ea4c3969c793c04894cf82fb2 13ab459309d4c5d53ef980a8d9845640e7310da2 1.36 MB
a2199c8fbbe252614815e5ad62350b17 9606c574938b74c8b10b308fea4afdba7c4fe8ef 1.36 MB
17265e4d66956b0959f35e88f2de68b7 954883b10b5729f564772ccd5ab265a1c5a84c89 1.08 MB
0899cf4ded834760397aa8c5ddd264f4 b93982743b3a05729496cbdd8cd80a1486296b22 1.08 MB
96655903769e4996a0988769837e39fd 33ac2d6bca122d4fd48f7bb8b2a9825ccf2dfa61 1.08 MB
d5a3eb5ed95e36b643e55f9f489fc8fc a6b12619b487c5b65c22d5387892af582b901946 1.08 MB
7d9abcda3bbd786897d466eea5dcdc2f 03abec53cd7633de8096d5aa71f0e3096d200198 1.08 MB
845f52cf096da9f16c12e4e70ecb1d68 5884a1179d5fb1d67adb03c0546f6a93523293e9 1.08 MB
5c430b3c872bd82e728abb8c1821689f 2fafc0c525dd8401d2ed2b31e303b052917fb49e 1.08 MB
1b01ffb603490079b61a0b3ac666733c 951bc0fc2a68e7fc3635f6a3215329fe370a67fc 1.08 MB
759cdfe07a593142ad7fd5029e582fe3 3a438db50bceac7f82954117789b336f2e8d1197 513 KB
63df58ea2963e8c6abdbba45b7273c39 26179365db42f0874bff3e0673cb4ebcedddc12a 478 KB
1d5badf51c73219837a82b739c95c2cc 41d5c2ba41cfd24931ae0e7701db75692457d78b 476 KB
82a420c1388c76fd18018b0676933d33 1f6c21b4df01c9c2005a6cb1c7e271f86b7388c6 476 KB
2eeed500c1ec095cb3d0de7a3c7e4278 7467af622dc4d73a6b76b499488c9bf6deb123d8 476 KB
593569f826ed1829adc4ca7c030de70d e929df49a19f9c262faa004d644edb1290f0ede4 476 KB
023c55185495f1066f4c7f893658c4ed 6fa0f95d12317e7bbc9157535eb5d9d2ed19816e 476 KB
69743bafb0c1d9d7c7da37b46416a23d da359182e54bea3e87b348b99986c1672337caf8 476 KB
0f22da454ae3249af6236098edba0ad9 70660143d18d79c1155dccef90c6162a4deec3a4 476 KB
7a2c26459b599a2d6d5401f73aca1981 f49b259eecbba63f20be7fed98f86d9f25093567 439.5 KB
6a71d5574e7d8c7da99aa0e5a30192c8 7ee26e0a43e62081b78700a9b6fd90c093ffa82a 431.5 KB
cd530e01b4eef1bf8c8e2d795cd71ef8 f6dd5832e9e12985b7083a57f9983ca70b9b8a51 431 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 56.67%
Windows 8 18.00%
Windows 8 Pro 6.00%
Windows 7 Ultimate 4.67%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 4.67%
Windows 7 Professional 3.33%
Windows 7 Home Basic 2.67%
Windows Vista Home Premium 2.00%
Windows 8 Enterprise 1.33%
Windows 7 Enterprise 0.67%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 59.18% of IDT PC Audio.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Hewlett-Packard 80.36%
Dell 19.64%
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