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1, 0, 0, 8 27.19%
1, 0, 0, 8 4.15%
1, 0, 0, 7 3.23%
1, 0, 0, 7 47.93%
1, 0, 0, 5 12.90%
1, 0, 0, 5 3.23%
1, 0, 0, 3 1.38%


PE structurePE file structure

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TDCSrv Application by TOSHIBA CORPORATION (Signed)

Remove TODDSrv.exe
Version:   1, 0, 0, 5
MD5:   c5ac715b65b01788abc22d10749dddd8
SHA1:   4cfbf7d2257345eb1adf0a962c8d5acafad70350
SHA256:   3237b8cbea645f550ce588511bc7085358b3d1358d46af5eed65f3bac5174195


TODDSrv.exe runs as a service under the name TOSHIBA Optical Disc Drive Service (TODDSrv) with extensive SYSTEM privileges (full administrator access). It is installed with a couple of know programs including TOSHIBA Face Recognition published by TOSHIBA Corporation, TRORDCLauncher from TOSHIBA Corporation and TRORDCLauncher by TOSHIBA Corporation. The file is digitally signed by TOSHIBA CORPORATION which was issued by the VeriSign certificate authority (CA).


File name:TODDSrv.exe
Publisher:TOSHIBA Corporation
Product name:TDCSrv Application
Typical file path:C:\Windows\System32\toddsrv.exe
Original name:TDCSrv.exe
File version:1, 0, 0, 5
Size:126.59 KB (129,632 bytes)
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Friday, April 22, 2011
Digital DNA
PE subsystem:Windows GUI
File packed:No
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The following programs will install this file
TOSHIBA Corporation
4% remove
Many Toshiba laptops include facial recognition functionality that is built into the laptop-mounted Webcam. Facial recognition software provides an additional layer of security to your laptop while improving the ease logging in to your Windows account.
TOSHIBA Corporation
5% remove
TRORDCLauncher is Recovery Disc Creator Launcher . When the recovery DVD is created you can remove both applications from the system.
TOSHIBA Corporation
24% remove
With TOSHIBA Disc Creator, you can create original audio CDs, data CDs and DVDs, and backup discs of CDs and DVDs. When creating audio CDs, you can collect only your favorite music from multiple music CDs, and a "MyBest" or "Favorites" CD can be created. Moreover, an Audio CD can be created from audio files collected on the hard disk of your personal computer, such as MP3 and WMA files. When creating data CDs or DVDs, you can save your ...
TOSHIBA Corporation
10% remove
The Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator utility creates a set of discs for returning your Toshiba laptop back to its original factory settings. The process is known as recovery, and wipes your laptop’s hard drive of spyware, adware and even viruses. Recovery may also eliminate performance problems when accessing spreadsheets, forms and other business documents and files. Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator is preinstalled, and requires multiple CDs...
TOSHIBA Corporation
3% remove
TOSHIBA Corporation
8% remove
With TOSHIBA Disc Creator, you can create original audio CDs, data CDs and DVDs, and backup discs of CDs and DVDs. When creating audio CDs, you can collect only your favorite music from multiple music CDs, and a "MyBest" or "Favorites" CD can be created. Moreover, an Audio CD can be created from audio files collected on the hard disk of your personal computer, such as MP3 and WMA files. When creating data CDs or DVDs, you can save yo...
TOSHIBA Corporation
9% remove
A recovery image of your computer is stored on the hard drive. You can create recovery media from the image using the TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator. If you create a recovery medium in advance, you can recover the system from the recovery medium even if you cannot recover the system from the hard drive. The type of media that can be used to create a recovery medium with this product depends on the model. You need to have administrator r...


Runs under 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services' by the Service Controller (services.exe)
  • 'TODDSrv' (TOSHIBA Optical Disc Drive Service)
  • TODDSrv

ResourcesResource utilization

(Note: statistics below are averages based on a minimum sample size of 200 unique participants)
Total CPU:0.00191821%
Kernel CPU:0.00024623%
User CPU:0.00167198%
Kernel CPU time:228,067 ms/min
CPU cycles:24,835/sec
Context switches:2/sec
Private memory:2.02 MB
21.59 MB
Private (maximum):2.33 MB
Private (minimum):1.74 MB
Non-paged memory:2.02 MB
21.59 MB
Virtual memory:38.56 MB
140.96 MB
Virtual memory (peak):39.57 MB
169.69 MB
Working set:1.8 MB
18.61 MB
Working set (peak):3.79 MB
37.95 MB
Page faults:1,909/min
I/O read transfer:119 Bytes/sec
1.02 MB/min
I/O read operations:1/sec
I/O write transfer:18 Bytes/sec
274.99 KB/min
I/O write operations:1/sec
I/O other transfer:220 Bytes/sec
448.09 KB/min
I/O other operations:7/sec
Resource allocations
GUI GDI count:10
GUI USER count:9

BehaviorsProcess properties

Integrety level:System
Command line:C:\Windows\System32\toddsrv.exe
Windows Service
Service name:TODDSrv
Display name:TOSHIBA Optical Disc Drive Service
Parent process:services.exe (Services and Controller app by Microsoft)


TODDSrv.exe (main module)
Total CPU:0.00134138%
Kernel CPU:0.00023159%
User CPU:0.00110979%
CPU cycles:4,070/sec
Memory:128 KB
1.16 MB
Total CPU:0.00030871%
Kernel CPU:0.00027265%
User CPU:0.00003605%
CPU cycles:17,392/sec
Memory:792 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 56.50%
Windows 8 17.00%
Windows Vista Home Premium 8.00%
Windows 8.1 3.00%
Windows 7 Professional 3.00%
Windows 7 Home Basic 2.50%
Windows 7 Starter 2.00%
Windows Vista Home Basic 1.50%
Microsoft Windows XP 1.50%
Windows 8 Single Language 1.00%
Windows 7 Ultimate 1.00%
Windows 7 Enterprise 1.00%
Windows 8 Pro 1.00%
Windows Vista Business 1.00%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 58.88% of TDCSrv Application.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Toshiba 100.00%
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