VersionsVersions 8.67% 0.67% 0.67% 0.67% 2.00% 0.67% 3.33% 2.00% 2.00% 4.67% 6.67% 0.67% 16.00% 0.67% 0.67% 0.67% 0.67% 0.67% 11.33% 4.67% 0.67% 2.67% 24.67% 2.00% 0.67% 0.67% 0.67%



Avira Free Antivirus by Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG (Signed)

Remove avguard.exe


avguard.exe has 27 known versions, the most recent one is It is started as a Windows Service called 'Avira Echtzeit Scanner' with the name 'AntiVirService' and described as “Bietet permanenten Schutz vor Viren und Malware mit der Avira Suchengine.”. . In addition, it is run under the context of the SYSTEM account with extensive privileges (the administrator accounts have the same privileges). The average file size is about 106.88 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG by the certification authority VeriSign. During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is less than 0.01%, the average private memory consumption is about 160.37 MB. Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 22.48 MB per minute for reads and 648.59 KB per minute for writes.

What is avguard.exe?

Avira On-Access Service. This edition of Avira Antivirus is free of charge and runs as a background process which checks every file opened or downloaded. Like many antivirus programs, it can run a full or custom scan to check the PC for malware in order to remove them. It updates its virus definitions automatically everyday by default using the Internet.

About avguard.exe (from Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG)

Our entry-level antivirus eliminates many forms of malware, including worms, rootkits and costly dialers. System Scanner prevents infection from viruses, worms and Trojans. AHeAD Technology halts unkn


File name:avguard.exe
Publisher:Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Product name:Avira Free Antivirus
Description:Avira On-Access Service
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\avira\antivir desktop\avguard.exe
Issued to:Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Sunday, July 20, 2014
Windows Service
Service name:AntiVirService
Display name:Avira Echtzeit Scanner
Description:“Bietet permanenten Schutz vor Viren und Malware mit der Avira Suchengine.”

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Avira Free Antivirus.)
Avira GmbH
25% remove
Avira AntiVir Personal includes a branded version of the Toolbar, a web browser extenstion that provides search advertising and results. Upon installation the user is presented with the option...
Avira GmbH
8% remove
As life grows in more digital directions, great PC antivirus becomes only one part of your overall security. The latest version of our premium antivirus now offers more ways to be secure, including we...
Avira GmbH
24% remove
Avira AntiVir Personal includes a branded version of the Toolbar, a web browser extenstion that provides search advertising and results. Upon installation the user is presented with the option...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of avguard.exe, select a unique version for details.)
Runs under 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services' by the Service Controller (services.exe)
  • 'AntiVirService' (Avira Echtzeit Scanner)
  • AntiVirService

VersionsAll file variations of avguard.exe

MD5SHA-1File size
a2d4915d1ccd0338ab85f14d1c22fd0c d02ab2282b467b9ac2d5ad41b503e5ca49da5e6b 105.55 KB
8c7d75b7fd60e58fe96fd03569bc8b33 31f18a47a2d49672c576f4aefe2c5c00324c93ee 105.55 KB
1d6d44493488923cf6e82339e189ead6 e02ab2c8a91329f1a4ec4cd6b236abebc2540ba7 105.55 KB
e5460aeb126b22298751f804643a7684 61f5a102347d97b96c743afab6786229a54bf83f 105.55 KB
01e45f75386a8b6207e6cca31dfcd1b0 9819c3342fdd7a76c7f022305e5dfba992119da3 105.55 KB
e33b6ef733ef2deeca1f4939db262728 df80e80e720ea1e7a324679f78d637d00139c3ab 105.05 KB
b1f8b58f27971b7e316dd316687886ec 1641a2620b1f6664e37b156a485d58f15ebbf521 105.55 KB
aae3238c2a0b2cf17851b3d06c8ea8c0 20e36e677482385f198cc375001a7c76538d3b13 105.55 KB
ef0c804d18629acb38b01da21ac622fd 04a14fb31a49f070344101c0e4050fc0a6d8d0c2 105.55 KB
66a7a38f7c439153b758548375eb9e5e 35f099e03b5d6f05858f8c46ff90d82ce46dd187 108.22 KB
47eb3f0ef84e0af8ae75db98eef34255 cf879fccc257609a68594aee68d0845420265d3f 108.22 KB
4a1345735daba9d5d6fd1a5b6363d3c7 f526332a674341267492fa79e199f597460edc8f 108.22 KB
6c08e577474034749157d12f3d9e582f 90bc6a825a225e3d6eac3b7292c81f4eece09e76 108.22 KB
b1f2970979c84367529f42fa0fbba559 6ba489db61a222a3a20266da5cfdfbb164abc04c 108.22 KB
07c0a6afee8bc294733aa1f269bda7e7 5e73fb803ea82a35b9806b71511db5ec3237d934 108.22 KB
bcdd17e8469d647a71b347c4b6f86685 d0d900446896f38e85a9762716f9e8ddae5f7d09 108.22 KB
0595d22a29659a19de3ede2ba0e98b11 3153125bc05b4c79acf0ee5bb53fe53a6eb054ea 108.22 KB
bb5ceeb358c2978192b215584b7142ff a61361d654b0f985deb2d8f2c967277bfe629c8a 107.72 KB
e953eb70b3c4f0ba108c35d45420b86b 41248861b0fbaaa85692b173398f9e5baa3b668d 106.78 KB
5c69aac8a59207da9710ff2e42d6f80f cc20694bc39ecb1540a126902f6e2f66706a5bce 106.78 KB
4c040249f009a4807b2955d5e5210104 9a921226855b474340ba95bd6c5efe913bc18514 106.78 KB
7af2a53fc0cf1d8af3c013decfcb0099 b5c37e984ef8d92b194894e03c4faae9d78db2be 105.78 KB
c9a36ef935aced86aedf93e97e606911 6cf78d894014621261f4fb9693e59a88baba7781 107.45 KB
cc3110eef77aa0810caa03741168ba8f 0540916c210d05e9d3c787989e90a8395497ebf6 107.45 KB
a489be6bb0aa1ff406b488b60542314b fdc79842897bc95ba0af2b3c062f0c91d70a9999 107.45 KB
70bdc751247627e3c80f72014dd254ee 45a65045c6a44714ae7704ebe88a1763bb72a390 106.95 KB
42f88bfbb76f7a63e381829479b18518 2a838ddc4b6e42d416a0c198a24aea6c020fc1fa 107.45 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Ultimate 34.67%
Microsoft Windows XP 27.33%
Windows 7 Home Premium 17.33%
Windows 7 Professional 11.33%
Windows Vista Home Premium 2.67%
Windows 7 Home Basic 2.00%
Windows 8 Pro 1.33%
Windows 7 Enterprise 1.33%
Windows 7 Starter 1.33%
Windows Vista Business 0.67%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

Malaysia installs about 14.19% of Avira Free Antivirus.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
ASUS 26.45%
Hewlett-Packard 21.49%
Toshiba 11.57%
Intel 9.92%
Acer 7.44%
Lenovo 6.61%
Dell 6.61%
Compaq 3.31%
Samsung 1.65%
MSI 1.65%
Sahara 1.65%
American Megatrends 0.83%
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