9.0.1 0.33%
8.0.1 0.11%
8.0.1 0.04%
8.0 0.04%
6.0.2 0.56%
5.0.1 0.04%
5.0 0.19%
31.0 0.04%
30.0 2.45%
30.0 0.04%
29.0.1 2.34%
28.0 0.26%
27.0a2 0.04%
27.0.1 1.37%
27.0.1 0.04%
26.0a2 0.04%
26.0 0.04%
26.0 0.04%
26.0 0.04%
26.0 2.04%
25.0.1 0.82%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 0.04%
25.0 4.97%
24.0 0.04%
24.0 0.04%
24.0 9.67%
23.0a2 0.04%
23.0a2 0.04%
23.0a2 0.04%
23.0a2 0.04%
23.0.1 2.71%
23.0 0.04%
23.0 0.04%
23.0 0.04%
22.0 0.04%
22.0 4.37%
22.0 0.33%
22.0 0.04%
21.0 0.04%
21.0 0.04%
21.0 8.86%
20.0a2 0.04%
20.0a2 0.04%
20.0.1 2.52%
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Firefox by Mozilla Corporation (Signed)

Remove firefox.exe
Warning 4 antivirus scanners has detected malware in various versions of firefox.exe.


There are 116 versions of firefox.exe in the wild, the latest version being 9.0.1. firefox.exe is run as a standard windows process with the logged in user's account privileges. When the program is installed, it will add a shortcut pointer in the Start Menu which will execute the file as a process upon a user login. The average file size is about 894.04 KB. The file is a digitally signed and issued to Mozilla Corporation by Thawte. The programs Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 (x86 en-US), Mozilla Firefox 17.0 (x86 en-US) and Mozilla Firefox 43.0.1 (x86 en-US) have been observed as installing specific variations of firefox.exe. During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is less than 0.01%, the average private memory consumption is about 332.62 MB with the maximum memory reaching around 367.32 MB. Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 4.83 MB per minute for reads and 12.51 MB per minute for writes.

What is firefox.exe?

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. Functions can be added through extensions, created by third-party developers. Firefox uses a sandbox security model, and limits scripts from accessing data from other web sites based on the same origin policy

About firefox.exe (from Mozilla Corporation)

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you


File name:firefox.exe
Publisher:Mozilla Corporation
Product name:Firefox
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe
Issued to:Mozilla Corporation
Authority (CA):Thawte
Effective date:Monday, September 27, 2010
Expiration date:Sunday, October 30, 2011

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Firefox.)
ACD Systems Ltd
9% remove
ACDSee Pro is an image organizer, viewer, and RAW / image editor programs for Microsoft Windows. ACDSee's main features are speed, lossless RAW/image editing, image batch processing, metadata (Exif/IP...
Alex Sirota
25% remove
FoxyTunes is an Extension for Mozilla Firefox that supports the Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird. It allows you to control your favorite media player without leaving the browser. The controls are...
Apple Inc.
11% remove
Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. It is based on the WebKit engine, which is a fork of KDE's KHTML engine. Safari has a number of features. Some are specific to certain operating systems...
Apple Inc.
9% remove
Apple's iTunes is a proprietary media player computer program, used for playing and organizing digital music and video files on desktop computers. It can also manage contents on iPod, iPhone and iPad....
BitTorrent Inc.
12% remove
µTorrent is a is a free, ad-supported, lighter-weight BitTorrent client designed to consume less resources then the full BitTorrent version. Some uTorrent installs include potentially unwanted applic...
Canon Inc.
8% remove
Easy-PhotoPrint EX allows you to create albums, calendars and stickers easily using photos taken with digital cameras. Easy-PhotoPrint EX supports "Exif Print." Exif Print is a standard for enhancing ...
Deutsche Telekom
6% remove
7% remove
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does an amazing job on format recovery, unformat, deleted files recovery or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown ...
2% remove
7% remove
2% remove
5% remove
Google Inc
6% remove
Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. It is designed to be secure, fast, simple and stable. Chrome supports plug-ins with the Netscape Plugin Appl...
HandBrake Community
1% remove
HandBrake is a general-purpose, open-source, cross-platform, multithreaded video transcoder software application. HandBrake supports batch encoding through Windows graphical user interface (GUI) and ...
4% remove
9% remove
This program contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.
13% remove
FL Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. FL Studio features a graphical user interface based on a pattern-based music sequencer. FL Studio can be used as a...
Keynote Systems, Inc.
5% remove
Keynote Systems, Inc.
1% remove
Keynote Systems, Inc.
4% remove


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of firefox.exe, select a unique version for details.)
Shell open commands
  • gopher
  • https
  • http
  • ftp
Scheduled tasks
  • The task '{DB15FF6F-2C12-43F6-9077-DC9D5E9F378D}' runs on registration in the path '\{DB15FF6F-2C12-43F6-9077-DC9D5E9F378D}'
  • The job '{50960832-8A69-4890-BBD4-53CBA3B9D350}' runs on registration in the path '\{50960832-8A69-4890-BBD4-53CBA3B9D350}'
  • The task '{1567603D-C4F5-4E3E-B347-0EFD79FE4E58}' runs on registration in the path '\{1567603D-C4F5-4E3E-B347-0EFD79FE4E58}'
  • The task '{573A4B5C-F41F-4B50-A5BB-330C6B6B1FD4}' runs on registration in the path '\{573A4B5C-F41F-4B50-A5BB-330C6B6B1FD4}'
  • The job '{F8CEF2CE-ECBF-4E27-A8F4-D411409A42E2}' runs on registration in the path '\{F8CEF2CE-ECBF-4E27-A8F4-D411409A42E2}'
  • The task '{80C2D13C-EDC5-489B-BA30-79CD8E31FD32}' runs on registration in the path '\{80C2D13C-EDC5-489B-BA30-79CD8E31FD32}'
  • The job '{E41AC21C-9317-4B32-8C7E-E962EB5D92C0}' runs on registration in the path '\{E41AC21C-9317-4B32-8C7E-E962EB5D92C0}'
  • The job '{2D229C97-D530-4B7A-BCFA-66F45C78E9F2}' runs on registration in the path '\{2D229C97-D530-4B7A-BCFA-66F45C78E9F2}'
  • The task '{FDDB7458-BD87-46DF-BB8A-35E2DBFCAD46}' runs on registration in the path '\{FDDB7458-BD87-46DF-BB8A-35E2DBFCAD46}'
  • The task '{F78E0F8D-A7B2-4ADF-A74B-A35B21BEAC93}' runs on registration in the path '\{F78E0F8D-A7B2-4ADF-A74B-A35B21BEAC93}'
  • The job '{EAAE8329-8B4F-462D-8D40-F296DCB03214}' runs on registration in the path '\{EAAE8329-8B4F-462D-8D40-F296DCB03214}'
  • The task '{D958CCD7-AFC4-4F52-B4E9-7E3DAC23FFC0}' runs on registration in the path '\{D958CCD7-AFC4-4F52-B4E9-7E3DAC23FFC0}'
  • The job '{D1DD0520-B00A-4DB7-90A9-1F12BC0F7FC3}' runs on registration in the path '\{D1DD0520-B00A-4DB7-90A9-1F12BC0F7FC3}'
  • The job '{CD0A75E9-B743-4544-9386-F431A3FBD438}' runs on registration in the path '\{CD0A75E9-B743-4544-9386-F431A3FBD438}'
  • The task '{CA12C935-6CEB-413A-9FBE-388CE6BE9A97}' runs on registration in the path '\{CA12C935-6CEB-413A-9FBE-388CE6BE9A97}'
  • The job '{B3D69651-37DD-4783-8218-6E393439801D}' runs on registration in the path '\{B3D69651-37DD-4783-8218-6E393439801D}'
  • The job '{ABBD2363-1F95-4899-8D32-1F38C61650AF}' runs on registration in the path '\{ABBD2363-1F95-4899-8D32-1F38C61650AF}'
  • The job '{97621CFD-36EF-4DFC-8410-D4AA73BCC054}' runs on registration in the path '\{97621CFD-36EF-4DFC-8410-D4AA73BCC054}'
  • The task '{887F2C34-E114-4FFC-8B28-5C3EA49B47D3}' runs on registration in the path '\{887F2C34-E114-4FFC-8B28-5C3EA49B47D3}'
  • The job '{7DEAEBFD-C62C-431A-B71F-668F615ABEFB}' runs on registration in the path '\{7DEAEBFD-C62C-431A-B71F-668F615ABEFB}'
  • The job '{632B2497-D942-4509-B296-3A9EB1C6AA27}' runs on registration in the path '\{632B2497-D942-4509-B296-3A9EB1C6AA27}'
  • The job '{5B5234DC-A2F4-4955-B43C-14780A68D7B8}' runs on registration in the path '\{5B5234DC-A2F4-4955-B43C-14780A68D7B8}'
Windows firewall allowed programs
Exceptions allow programs to access to the Internet through an outbound connections
  • Firewall exception for 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'
  • Firewall exception for 'C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe'
User start menu folder
Shortcut pointer placed in '%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu'
  • Shortcut to 'firefox.exe'

MalwareMalware detections

Based on 40+ industry antivirus scanners, 4 of them detected the following malware.
Antivirus engineEngine versionDetectionFile version
Antiy Labs AVL Worm/Win32.WhiteIce.gen 9.0.1
Antiy Labs AVL Backdoor/Win32.Rbot 19.0
Antiy Labs AVL Worm/Win32.WhiteIce 15.0
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Trojan.GenericKD.1515318 (B) 20.0.1

VersionsAll file variations of firefox.exe

MD5SHA-1File size
11cca710674739e3db8f7450a5b650b6 539cba057dbcb5af24208be8d6cacdd963a21a2d 902.96 KB
25532414a7a088553527a75b31df0592 efc68981e227acf2beb51d23e156bb79f2d3cc95 902.96 KB
26a4b29011ce26f2e175e6b7cb0707c1 b664c0f8894f5c71f521a76f008d52ec4243dbda 7.28 MB
061c8b132ea74c73b5a2dee9adfec3c8 60097bfdfa5e553c20f166e0c99884c39feb382c 902.96 KB
63346640e170b63970c093f720065dab e7e4b478491b32c697d6637c8de0e66da480026e 902.96 KB
5fb5d1a2267831208b4ee46149af7b18 9b502e65928a79e9c04315afe0fa49f6ab0067b8 902.96 KB
6c9cd3ecba6732661c8bbe37a877a2bd 0420a27b073c83878f76043012c43c65befce505 902.96 KB
5de01185ca79e72b7cb70de3373a714f d71b2821c13e3ee7a1269c6cf5246fa3f9fc60bb 269.11 KB
b1e01d636350983e94171e229c759468 c9202ccb53fc427664a26e4df46b1c8a4d011466 269.11 KB
652949136d0cd4a1cece05c7a78b6e0c f50548a6636a016f56df817f565a3cf29d3844ea 269.11 KB
0da891cb0703d912ceafa072f54d002b 5736adf4bb4dd0177dda4ad0e652f7bb5d51eeb8 269.11 KB
8e556a72d54f7e3b7844ab9217f02dd7 7138ac8bb4d88aa7ef98ce01d71b49ae20302532 269.11 KB
e756630244eef5f2e30a9bf190747a3d f22b418e4919f6552beb405cb3a92dd2a0452537 307.11 KB
d9184c5ff3fd526761d518a95aba74a3 b4106f2bd85ea4ba906d39ab7a4055fd3715aaa7 269.11 KB
d9184c5ff3fd526761d518a95aba74a3 b4106f2bd85ea4ba906d39ab7a4055fd3715aaa7 269.11 KB
c89583c246a4f414149ab558dd54bfdf 35f0f140bd1494f1245736d8a46ecd503e11e248 307.11 KB
a44edefddb3e8868ee9549195bb95034 05c15f8c432c8decab64a755ae502825e512f478 269.11 KB
80fa9dc2a257011509c9106156d0dfc5 88a0fea5fc7d82054b691a3ac8ff685ddecf6afb 269.11 KB
372a0d349e02e8c898c20976e23de4d4 443c0117408404c11686ce5990b4fbffec71dd71 269.11 KB
1eea6c1b35191dc177ea83672b9c3fc0 ac69fa1df07ceec14178428f6416b27cf57cea26 269.11 KB
077d59ba0fd4007e841b6c670862b065 588f64711149169f2c346f52ff7f0ccb44503107 269.11 KB
50c534dd23eff7f65f89f36fdaa9bb74 9730ff369566d78274bc776c8354a1f7e043eea7 268.4 KB
2ea86b7a3390286f052b5770a0d54b46 46b1c0cdee167d5ada193d992b1435471629adf1 269.11 KB
13a8d6942e50f2c53edb8f241b9d8451 c1362da4baf1bb1d82d1ba85f578d7f05d3df878 269.11 KB
6be8470befe45c8992b70aa5f8299ce4 f75a033e19080a7111b2ea2e91c2732f4d8de1b8 269.11 KB
0fe2a7ce2ac902dbc95026eb8b43344b c72f5159bbe12ccf862174779b537a23b9b2d85b 269.11 KB
c2abde59a4cc7dcf1e9c4a3ee789c211 4b16acd5370c201f1a59a02c2deedb1096383476 269.11 KB
3604c36b7096379f264d6d9dc4018045 f6f46efe6b5439c6b1c799c360e1fa3fc556c024 269.11 KB
ef01d104449cc654fdcf423c92bd8846 be2608a3da3f0eed20e1921330220a90e1e42c1a 269.11 KB
be7daf5b34267db6c4fc35b5ff55f9be e641376f85c59d8cf5e6229710f01d24f3123bf2 268.4 KB
5bb4c9b2982b13905ab96360c1cd4c4b 32fcea5cc3e14e560d67ea8361e4bd9415385645 268.4 KB
a9182ce59cfc56f9c1dde8b3c0ae8378 40835dd9de674b78f6962f65cbe6fb6a327de210 268.4 KB
f0a193bd8b01cedf599e07024de26bc0 7a1c78c0ac1b139e279140d5c24af8cec7f37d93 898.91 KB
d2fc71c0202134fbe51e6611d5412b04 4077b650779e0198692204e8df553091761b788e 898.91 KB
cc0e842d89e8b3d8914a812a719545f3 95198c09e8fe18103bd43e3b8646eb55a28df242 898.91 KB
16bc173c6fb0dffdc75b3d88bc81dcf5 3f9311322f6ad63566534c5ef0ac36d61a62c418 898.91 KB
b4cf3fb7e9b8ea69757541dce6ca20ed e86d51b589264b6fd525aaec5014c1c037ea5f72 269.9 KB
ab36533492fe1ff1356bdc33caefe8d6 d113a31613957d5abe3531ddc3a77c6c6d266445 267.9 KB
b65110f3bc4a17f4fd47842353fc20c1 d632e8d1701caad7bc8f0a77e83778cab0aecff6 269.9 KB
88cbed0917edd8bbbc8b4e71234b1946 7cfebdb0a2dce90ff039016a6d29f2aaae509794 269.9 KB
3c710ca96ec6be459fcab4d49d8155b4 0e445c292b6171413cc37d800e5388feb085e109 898.9 KB
c8d28f8b498cadbb9445ac4545bd41b7 b0efe230c29e5545b73dcc6dea472b7725353812 898.9 KB
92038e42d845cd1f3c630fc554263a06 e028a982f898dcde82c215cc91a58fe79c873812 896.9 KB
1f81a4cfd4b4093c81691934dea5035f 21dc8f5165b3fdb0d8e96019f1753b8407a71026 979.9 KB
d3c18c3e70fcaddaba99f384ca4d08bb 6c99574550f1be88445ca3b892702a795bd78ad2 898.9 KB
38331376a068c0fc8fe184c85d315a1a f4fde60f23065e95d2ac8eef4749091fe8e9e0f2 898.9 KB
95110a1c5a1d228ac1ddf6ab67d00beb d89a9491c714a55d3811eeac8930c77b90fd59e9 898.9 KB
414146a41c07df73e4a9beb8fac59f69 a4a4cf8c9949d664aa1cd3d9954cb852eca8d3ad 898.91 KB
e8915ff1e1e8fa374f1b6cc2871f81cf b29716a3f08ee917eb3d75996a8043a1ee90894b 898.91 KB
6f5386a655598f71baab2d6b63a69d6a df1732d68bbb526ab6552991811abd486fe5dbba 898.9 KB
a743d52465309355e67770e6f179bf36 9a7f439ec5efbac79a21aa058a9884a4e836fcdf 898.9 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 41.75%
Windows 7 Ultimate 18.50%
Windows 8.1 8.50%
Microsoft Windows XP 8.25%
Windows Vista Home Premium 4.50%
Windows 8.1 Pro 4.25%
Windows 7 Professional 2.75%
Windows 8 2.25%
Windows 8 Pro 1.75%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 1.50%
Windows 8.1 N 1.00%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 1.00%
Windows 8.1 Enterprise 1.00%
Windows 8 Enterprise N 0.75%
Windows 8 Single Language 0.75%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 0.75%
Windows 7 Home Basic 0.25%
Windows 8.1 Pro Preview 0.25%
Windows Developer Preview 0.25%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 46.62% of Firefox.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 22.65%
Hewlett-Packard 20.92%
ASUS 16.51%
Acer 7.87%
Toshiba 7.68%
Sony 4.61%
Lenovo 3.45%
Compaq 2.69%
Samsung 2.11%
Gateway 1.92%
Alienware 1.73%
Intel 1.54%
Sahara 1.34%
American Megatrends 0.96%
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