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Avira Free Antivirus by Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG (Signed)

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There are 29 versions of gpipc.dll in the wild, the latest version being The average file size is about 214.2 KB. The file is a digitally signed and issued to Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG by VeriSign. Some variations of the file have been seen to be installed with the program Avira Free Antivirus from Avira GmbH.

What is gpipc.dll?

Avira Host Service Ipc plugin is part of Avira Free Antivirus, a free antivirus program from Avira that runs as a background process which checks every file opened or downloaded. Like many antivirus programs, it can run a full or custom scan to check the PC for malware in order to remove them. It updates its virus definitions automatically everyday by default using the Internet.

About gpipc.dll (from Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG)

Avira Free Antivirus eliminates many forms of malware including worms, rootkits, and costly dialers. Features include system scanner prevents infection from viruses, worms, and Trojans, blocks new vir


File name:gpipc.dll
Publisher:Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Product name:Avira Free Antivirus
Description:Avira Host Service Ipc plugin
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\avira\antivir desktop\gpipc.dll
Issued to:Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Effective date:Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Expiration date:Sunday, July 20, 2014

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Avira Free Antivirus.)
Avira GmbH
25% remove
Avira AntiVir Personal includes a branded version of the Toolbar, a web browser extenstion that provides search advertising and results. Upon installation the user is presented with the option...

VersionsAll file variations of gpipc.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
efd343bd577a9e86e11507dcd4b65d36 a7f90d774c97d657c822ca0a3e1f83c29df48209 213.05 KB
afe245b31d6448053368a10bf6e1f7ba 78dd6652e47b1fa6388479f7abb9d8c7c84eafe1 213.05 KB
1c19adecb6d513517a70e1f98963a48d 970fd0d7c31cac88da4bcf809018633cc2655131 213.05 KB
dbb85c6663ae75d859a9f74fdd066034 4a2bde40f35be061a106f8aed3c78ecca889c0e3 213.05 KB
f0e7f99ffb8974dcdc3112f18babbe1a cacc50e28d324cf2289b5fe439f15530d32407cc 213.05 KB
5a12399714773e2ba21c295d9a6e6e01 a57c89ab78f8356e13ed231e21c8a1db13861b17 212.55 KB
143c33c3ebf9c6c5c05cb37d9ae7ef73 25517a32e9638844d7f12a083b2b0cebf281b9b4 213.05 KB
0ae0038abd93a9c7c6dfe25ae542062b 86c47e4da74ae8f3d1dc89ce4c3d6fcbbf06bc94 212.55 KB
83cc85ed467304ed0b788b1597abcb7d b74007e1487b6bc511b8e35e47f028ae4c18beb9 213.05 KB
555cc0740c58f701b58a5bca9435fdbb af57b5262141295b9b56dd1a10f1b6d1b1cb1118 212.05 KB
d1606ce220df11e44b9f2bea298dfb9a 3a185da8f788eb78db96ee39414eb7f8ffbfce12 212.55 KB
ea6c20730456463f4a252f0a13f74e72 4c6bb534000239d792994b7cf781e90a4f757905 212.05 KB
b969fa395c6933c93ae63c8b1586c712 5a1dbc57debaa0900c04245e717f3884eb2507d8 215.22 KB
4a9ba87bd158a21c9d127b08481d9c04 a758b64bfc4962e587ff3d21978c46afc5bbd22f 214.72 KB
aa49aad417daebef3a64b74ccb239b18 4e121f10d0ebaa30f2ca88277b64195b8ce9b33d 214.72 KB
e468a61ce547acfd20fa3012987a25ae 68ea7ca8be1be3a20784b537df27b1e34149c1df 215.22 KB
389edec5d821970804809900f308da08 4bd7cd2d000b9741265987a83c0b3c3e14ec5356 214.72 KB
ceabbbe99a847c0c88ecc911d8fecc7b e172221cd6d54af99f1b89586206759d574fa9dd 215.22 KB
0ee122722a11d007036e1f63eae47154 97b95fcb14a8e916981442003cd8cd1c1632ed8f 215.22 KB
60838330cb626c3fd6cb1194e57ed9f9 b4625f730398a46ff867f32f92443e23a5597f7c 214.72 KB
8e532e1d3e9b7f511b3b87756576eac2 2d89941311f629fc703e045d094223a3958e80b0 214.28 KB
dddcc866166801b8e00c10b9cda1ff45 f12f47d9fbfd5582b736a66dd0e1d2840d24c2ba 214.78 KB
b4c2a4d3ba7fb37f4340ad5427602b7f f9921c2e5484dd04bfc600ef1b7879f141f28dfc 214.28 KB
58d589508315872e92f346bef8ae83cf ad65f4cea964164daa405c92954cd673d444a90f 214.28 KB
80126bc6148cad0fdb4eff948232dc34 dc90fd9b14ecd9a49cbf59d70159f5400d1b49be 216.24 KB
6d42dbaae0bf5dd64318f9fd0ba3ffaf e4460bae07d4c5ac498a0be2952fc0d3bcdf1bcd 216.74 KB
b68776f77f6b7f9d9c73e8fff166a790 3a0513e5390fd13258e40ab434645ec871af7b2c 216.24 KB
3b0f1f1adbaed26f1f02a4f0815545db 88e02f5803264ec57dbe213120fe62b71e31fba5 216.24 KB
a4b84315f5441e5514ad2e641c4f6e34 1ff9c0b0a328ed124ea3bc8cb1628a3ae2400390 215.7 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Ultimate 34.52%
Microsoft Windows XP 27.38%
Windows 7 Home Premium 15.48%
Windows 7 Professional 11.90%
Windows 7 Home Basic 2.38%
Windows 7 Starter 2.38%
Windows Vista Home Premium 2.38%
Windows 8 Pro 1.19%
Windows 7 Enterprise 1.19%
Windows Vista Business 1.19%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

Germany installs about 15.66% of Avira Free Antivirus.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
ASUS 29.41%
Hewlett-Packard 17.65%
Toshiba 11.76%
Intel 8.82%
Acer 7.35%
Lenovo 5.88%
Dell 5.88%
Compaq 2.94%
Samsung 2.94%
MSI 2.94%
American Megatrends 1.47%
Sahara 1.47%
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