12,8,957,0 9.89%
12,8,957,0 6.59%
12,8,844,0 6.59%
12,1,317,0 1.10%
12,1,317,0 1.10%
12,1,231,0 2.20%
12,1,231,0 3.30%
12,0,610,0 1.10%
12,0,610,0 1.10%
11,6,505,0 6.59%
11,6,505,0 6.59%
11,6,505,0 1.10%
11,6,477,0 15.38%
11,6,477,0 9.89%
11,6,434,0 10.99%
11,6,434,0 4.40%
11,6,434,0 3.30%
11,6,434,0 1.10%
11,6,434,0 1.10%
11,6,385,0 1.10%
11,6,385,0 1.10%
11,0,669,0 1.10%
11,0,669,0 1.10%
11,0,669,0 1.10%
11,0,633,0 1.10%



McAfee SecurityCenter by McAfee (Signed)

Remove mcprlres.dll


There are 25 versions of mcprlres.dll in the wild, the latest version being 12,8,957,0. The average file size is about 4.88 MB. The file is a digitally signed and issued to McAfee by VeriSign. The programs Search Protect, WSE Rocket and Yahoo! Toolbar have been observed as installing specific variations of mcprlres.dll.

What is mcprlres.dll?

McAfee Localized Resource for McAfee SecurityCenter is a security solution that allows users to monitor their computer's security status and to know instantly whether their computer's virus, spyware, e-mail, and firewall protection services are up-to-date. Most McAfee SecurityCenter builds offer trial subscriptions to McAfee’s security software. The program generates security alerts which notify users about emergency virus outbreaks and other important security related messages.

About mcprlres.dll (from McAfee)

McAfee SecurityCenter is comprehensive security that will deliver proactive protection and has been designed for your PC, with over 6,000 new online threats discovered everyday your McAfee software is


File name:mcprlres.dll
Publisher:McAfee, Inc.
Product name:McAfee SecurityCenter
Description:McAfee Localized Resource DLL
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\mcafee\msc\mcprlres.dll
Issued to:McAfee
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of McAfee SecurityCenter.)
5% remove
A is a PC video game published by Activision. Double Helix is a video game created by Raven Software, a sequel to Soldier of Fortune.
Client Connect LTD
  79% remove
Search Protect from Client Connect (formally Conduit, now a venture of Perion) is a homepage and search provider modifier that when installed will change the default web browser's home page and search...
Conduit Ltd.
  70% remove
ooVoo Video Chat Toolbar is a Community Toolbar by Conduit that runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Web browsers. The toolbar collects and stores information about your web browsing and send...
Rocket Mobile
  80% remove
Rocket Browser is a potentially unwanted program that integrates into the user's web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and will perform a number of functions mostly designed to generate advertising suppo...
Yahoo! Inc.
20% remove
Yahoo Install Manager manages Yahoo program downloads and installations. The install manager keeps track of such programs and assists in the installations to put things in their proper places.
Yahoo! Inc.
  51% remove
Yahoo! Toolbar is a toolbar that installs on the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, within the context of internet access functions. It allows access to several functions, including Yahoo! Search...

VersionsAll file variations of mcprlres.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
b04d846ab5c94ef47ef68c9da07de0e3 cf1abd63d5e0046e2cf2274c1be086090372c5d9 5.39 MB
00bd70f6d064860b3480e370dd8a49ac 82ea8e248100748144bd65713b59611d63da36d1 5.39 MB
1f8303096e9a6e43e8723bd0465b159a 91a80f0b8f2c348f1e9d9a6f86da2f42ca77e26d 5.39 MB
5490cf75cc6bed00f884d40bc6427693 92146ebd4adc8edef9dbc2caf4ac97438f2c4ca5 5.23 MB
06d98e25d5aa7bca6a2457d79bd567ed c34d4b2374f4eb40bc141b74a2243f5981e143cd 5.23 MB
a0d1ba8d8c42e430e6f3674ba38cc8f9 8c7258c50f6e48568d9707ccc9b8a77acfe338f2 5.19 MB
77bec56cfec15ff113236a0b9f81c232 21f60e9367732e3ffcced5b8e6412da07bb523ee 5.19 MB
445f48bae09913a3977c54fcd9bcf45e 635aad3f129bb0b5726bdc59e6b23bc57dc95428 4.65 MB
a90edb8177bf73ce2bb4deac57b173ad 2140bc75481826474d72247a3c1cf227a23260df 4.65 MB
3e76873df13ae0dbc395a4349860ccb3 43bdd2dd10892940005a17befae4a27cc52ec15d 5.22 MB
63cd794dcb0405f55ca70d4e00c15ac5 198a8429bb71eb270049338a9a60eaef420bb66e 5.22 MB
e64ce31af69f451f6aee39b3fdd8877e a52b7f637edb74c9aead0d6b6734acc058d7d02d 5.22 MB
3c5ae07eecf8cf0a69e0d9e9ab3d06c1 243fd1293c5e77e37d529586582078cfc0e535c7 4.98 MB
720bbc29a495f39e688e5f8114854c4f 64923672a564664da46e27d8e05f4a55337f2477 4.98 MB
5b7449bf32eea9e71def97974a754a2c 64929a0bee0069dfd3159d129a4400cf0a1946e6 4.98 MB
1eacc97fca35553993a2465fe36937f7 87f8016921e5c7035d65945b15f8e6f5e6e143f6 4.98 MB
6d78a6afd8d5cee3b2c716c104b1b5a4 922e28e9c979009cd8dfe5c0c4163ccc1a9c12c4 4.98 MB
f292ed325dda02b9a159d2463c939b8d 1312bd393fe0fa969c411b6c5873f4bcc9e6fcae 4.98 MB
516f2ed421d9689696d38d5b5f825370 493bb0078816771311e44bb12e90b5bfe676acd1 4.98 MB
d5218eda7ec06641d80d4b3d4be1b956 be26ec6a76f97193986badb1b166e3ce99c79924 4.52 MB
a9a3c26cd4b7644a873f47e3e8189209 8bc45dfd0028a84c75c1d94648d8f59ac7972cd7 4.52 MB
21a92ac08ad9266d5f77c717ce6ff33c deba3c24682a0083ba09271760dd14dec219b306 4.08 MB
aba070681e73148f628272b61a21ee2c 8b0a501a93ee3725cd342ca71efe0e3323aa9567 4.08 MB
886334f9fffa1f43080b89f6a9184edd 9f5fe39dc51e267c834d142c91739baf5ce9c11d 4.08 MB
e651bf7c6ddbc02ef7759f2b3f9ebd9f 623e0b4aad22be81681345f0e6ac82a5044eb74f 3.9 MB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 40.66%
Windows 8 15.38%
Windows 8.1 7.69%
Windows Vista Home Premium 6.59%
Windows 8 Single Language 4.40%
Windows 7 Ultimate 4.40%
Microsoft Windows XP 4.40%
Windows 7 Professional 3.30%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 3.30%
Windows 7 Starter 3.30%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 2.20%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 1.10%
Windows 8 Pro 1.10%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.10%
Windows 7 Ultimate N 1.10%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 63.74% of McAfee SecurityCenter.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 30.77%
ASUS 21.15%
Hewlett-Packard 11.54%
Sony 11.54%
Acer 10.58%
Toshiba 5.77%
Lenovo 3.85%
Intel 1.92%
Gateway 1.92%
Alienware 0.96%
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