ecd00 0.17%
9fe37 4.63%
8a8ed 0.17%
e2964 4.12%
70ee5 0.17%
69ef6 0.17%
2fb07 0.17%
a5b66 10.12%
d3002 0.17%
d0442 0.17%
cc72f 0.34%
162d0 0.17%
1b9a0 0.17%
46372 5.32%
add82 0.34%
433c7 4.12%
64f11 5.32%
93d56 0.34%
e56fe 2.92%
88a5f 2.06%
a9896 0.17%
6dd44 6.00%
3d4af 7.03%
d298d 0.17%
cdac9 0.17%
21231 0.17%
66549 0.17%
e661f 1.20%
bd33e 0.17%
f5a1f 4.29%
df484 1.89%
44083 1.03%
8e635 1.37%
e4535 3.43%
a2a82 0.34%
309f7 0.34%
854a0 0.17%
8671e 0.17%
aaf7c 11.32%
07900 0.17%
10f10 2.40%
bb281 0.17%
1d697 0.17%
dcc3a 2.57%
b1cb3 0.69%
7892d 2.74%
6c60e 0.17%
17271 9.26%
690de 0.17%
4088c 0.34%
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(Note, Google Inc publishes each variation of this file with the same version, but the hashes are unique.)



By Google Inc (Signed)

Remove ffmpegsumo.dll


ffmpegsumo.dll has 52 known versions, the most recent one is . The average file size is about 1.53 MB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Google Inc by the certification authority VeriSign. The programs Google Chrome, Google Chrome Frame and MathsBuster - GCSE Maths Foundation Level (C:\Program Files (x86)\MathsBuster - GCSE Maths Foundation Level) have been observed as installing specific variations of ffmpegsumo.dll.


File name:ffmpegsumo.dll
Typical file path:C:\users\user\appdata\local\google\chrome\application\25.0.1323.1\ffmpegsumo.dll
Issued to:Google Inc
Authority (CA):VeriSign

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of ffmpegsumo.dll.)
Beijing Yang Fan Jing He Information Consulting Co. Ltd.
  54% remove
Bram Ruiter
2% remove
CGP Books
9% remove
CGP Books
7% remove
CGP Books
5% remove
CGP Books
1% remove
9% remove
Data Recognition Corporation
5% remove
Data Recognition Corporation
9% remove
DRC’s INSIGHT Online Learning System is the foundation of next-generation assessment. It is a proven online testing system that has been used for multiple administrations. To date, our system has succ...
EMD Music
6% remove
Search and download from over 6 million songs, music videos and lyrics. Largest collection of free music. All songs are in the MP3 format and can be played on any computer or on any MP3 Player incl...
GigaClicks inc.
  87% remove
This spyware/adware program monitors a user's web browsing activity and captures click-stream data in order to aggregate and track a user's behavior including search and browse. This is done through i...
GigaClicks Inc.
  69% remove
Hyper Browser injects advertising in the user's Internet browser by running as an extension and/or add-on. Ads are delivered in the form of search-related ads, banner and video ads, and text-links (ro...
GigaClicks LP
  82% remove
According to the company, this software runs in the background of the user's PC and collects browsing habits and advertising data. "Idlecrawler is a software which is collecting data from the open ...
GigaClicks LP
  62% remove
"Idlecrawler is a software which is collecting data from the open sources in internet in 3 different fields such as: - google search engine result pages - advertising settings - twitter stream posts T...
Google Inc
6% remove
Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. It is designed to be secure, fast, simple and stable. Chrome supports plug-ins with the Netscape Plugin Appl...
Google Inc
12% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google Ch...
Google Inc
6% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google C...
Google Inc
1% remove
Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. There are extensive differences from its peers...
Google Inc
7% remove
Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for ...
Google Inc
11% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google Ch...

VersionsAll file variations of ffmpegsumo.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
ecd00767311001430ded393e18752909 4ecaadec2462f3bd045cc04eed035e29ae897f39 1.48 MB
9fe37d8c04c0f449714b19b03708b93d 123ae2a37ce85ffa1361def351a3f1a0c888a15f 1.48 MB
8a8edac05195c63da4e53e0516a314de 1d8220cde432bce57bdc29a2f70eb3ecba2d09ac 1.48 MB
e29640e803cf76b053ee50b54a8dabfb c2dc27884bb65bef103fd3d83dade898d6484436 1.48 MB
70ee53e4e3bc0939137b7d88b1cd8018 6d9ced7337186b87cf8d5eda20e8abd1444dbc1f 1.48 MB
69ef6914db145a1d3ff51df0102940a9 b8f574f01b5f9e26da9aed9bae01173df04c5ee4 1.48 MB
2fb07e7dc9e89c79cdcd1a2d1cd41aff bb78dd378ac1125959beeb23d89ae95f94395851 1.48 MB
a5b66f56d5994fca083de44dfda3c038 7551cedca48e67f37fe935726f574a690e618447 1.48 MB
d30027e160ff4807e9a7116372699fa7 b14c5e49b0c4a4f5600256077995fc1e6e4547c8 1.53 MB
d0442f0134a230b136fd10e5ca1a35d2 68067ad93365992e014ffee4f185a50eeb0b10e4 1.48 MB
cc72ff1daf526b7283caa84e9d0fec94 872bd9b5a8bee40d95bc43ff1536ead720b04c7f 1.48 MB
162d0bdd127ffe42996e9cf12163f824 d607edbd37560075a145b6893df14439d72ff951 1.48 MB
1b9a01137d4ec061f4503d1e1824350f c77b4840e9645559eee61e4e96981f7b04648f64 1.53 MB
463720201490db1f1d2f0583c5def2fa 4546de6c920e9b3e614013b3b79b2c353801ff23 1.48 MB
add82ec6f451a739e22b1811a66418df fb9257966e81dfba6658ee31ce3f3649157f50c3 1.53 MB
433c73aa1ef5efeea28e9b37f8805953 5767503ccfc6a964cc71eb41eb4cb21e5a512eca 1.48 MB
64f111be54e51000f6a6431b0fb82b9a 35db6a1cef7709bab16989d922ba42c936c99ec2 1.48 MB
93d565da844943ce210044a7c7778d8d 7ab6c8a2f9a248eda0fd3eb707ac3cda0f8db140 1.48 MB
e56fe56a51bc05e9cc367b3cc2bbffa9 0d938fa2305dacddbd6f814523805b4aa569b1e2 1.53 MB
88a5fc956921f2e39ec8ca6363b11749 950a5c2c3b23a299bcd87a12092b2ffab6e3fbdb 1.53 MB
a9896e45494fec4d2b7e27a40b4ea88a 2652c629659fd07d1a9eba4a12c07469c5de0826 1.52 MB
6dd4400a918bb4265a94ffc2d1ab0d8d 02436be0a5308ab961eebf1902e8f6e23170019f 1.52 MB
3d4afa8e27521a5ab7bf0d7996215da5 3204ddbe32ccdb6c155aba86d931fec648070aa4 1.52 MB
d298d09f05497c25e1bc105f51a02d4a 30cce8c8c91ac509236af8d4dd3f3af4d95e22d5 1.53 MB
cdac9e723f4d503538fb1e98a541aa08 831c0e2dead819e3dd1966b24edf8efa72f20550 1.52 MB
21231e3d9154c1ec9e503998b71d9757 1cef4a1efd392693d18da900e37b4dff2bafe613 1.52 MB
66549843ee7c7ad76c09ac44a4db2ef3 6c06b82ac1cdbe1a8d007c24bfea4f1f3fd77a4d 1.52 MB
e661fe228412eb24b499775476b6d51a d373361cc60ef09c59a4bdd532c2e72d9210459b 1.52 MB
bd33e1b139ab942421c7d2d2e6ff3285 510dab56cd4ba08401f90ec8d9b18ba16a8e416a 1.53 MB
f5a1f739fd5842a1b0b09bc825248339 afe4f541424e63916bae75131a4334a39a20c2a7 1.52 MB
df4840e639a43511d10a95ae8d9b5c1d 1d098674ab79a30e8ca60ce3b48d10bf9801ba8f 1.53 MB
44083bbfd32291deffac96252c7356c5 c9ac6cc9b76fde80bc13df7bb932a06325edcdd3 1.53 MB
8e63531d3a6b9c2d26ef03797e8438b4 44be79f749e7cb901c87cdda46b4f5f827372d9a 1.53 MB
e45354d2f2b84dba3a503ab746391645 72ea078e4d5ba169c220c23f886f465d30549165 1.53 MB
a2a823ba500fb015ae38a8f5c8f677db a35f66cb5227c3b365d97a3174ca18b37da9883d 1.52 MB
309f7d14dfcffc6fb7bd0afa4943b9f1 fc82c6b9c744787e6079747c8f5125024f7b3462 1.53 MB
854a05504e6c0c04704e0d0e2dfc7b9a 869b2f6761f1b6e46a146ac6d28850a7c1f64034 1.54 MB
8671ef0c605ba20cbe78f4b83ff83f8d a91a3d83ca66d970f46d99bd95ee10532d37097c 1.53 MB
aaf7c4c78e07660241eb1230638de2f6 18569af94553e25eef315efa7661cbc6f3beb1f2 1.53 MB
07900207865cc327aee5a7b01515b6d7 d4154e16b33c0058758fcecb7200b722b0307ae9 1.54 MB
10f10fb3c3c78f4e2afa306de1a10bf6 d45ed6d885854c9bb41129b3d11f6413cd65912f 1.54 MB
bb28171a80f5cd291de1069cee77dd8b b326488452860db3f5e8b4d4499b0d87c7254f32 1.56 MB
1d697c2e0354d6878b50b1d70035b676 1fb17b6b390a8b72393fac5fddd6e69ee21de306 1.56 MB
dcc3ad3254d510114d95f40c93de3d25 004db78c1c34ef7a802311c3804ec657a9c7ee19 1.54 MB
b1cb3e710ab435fd8b899ed01ccdcafc c2232311d10f3e158b99df31597683bc04a1b64c 1.57 MB
7892d1f256cb6eef313ca5a084a21213 cd3b140467b0f8368c72f1a190cdb133191dda47 1.65 MB
6c60e4e709bd236b16414cf37e181352 123d6f5bd95bec4fe6d56c19fc090fbdc779c7f1 1.56 MB
172715c84e0b754333a3215e494f2b20 5a475b61df84fd5cf140c63c2ba7b96303fb5f05 1.65 MB
690de90c14af9c51155912da38210e26 95d874069cb820c3af65b4e1e2ab89007c3eae69 1.57 MB
4088c3497d136f7aebbd2d2755a6baec a0dae024ef0c4c3cbd4de988f9e4746fe6a2266e 1.57 MB
35d02665ce895cf7a639dd49f356129b 604978e45c97fe70c5ee7f8119c8ad233b3a14d0 1.75 MB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 29.00%
Windows 7 Ultimate 18.00%
Microsoft Windows XP 10.50%
Windows 7 Professional 7.50%
Windows 8.1 6.25%
Windows 8 Pro 5.50%
Windows 8 5.00%
Windows 8.1 Pro 3.25%
Windows Vista Home Premium 2.75%
Windows 8 Single Language 2.00%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 1.75%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.25%
Windows 7 Starter 1.00%
Windows 8 Enterprise 1.00%
Windows Vista Home Basic 1.00%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 0.75%
Windows Seven Black Edition 0.50%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 0.50%
Windows 7 Enterprise 0.50%
Windows 8 Pro N 0.50%
Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation 0.25%
26 other Windows OS version

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 34.10% of ffmpegsumo.dll.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 18.76%
Hewlett-Packard 17.45%
Toshiba 14.63%
ASUS 11.63%
Acer 10.32%
Lenovo 7.88%
Sony 4.50%
Intel 3.38%
American Megatrends 1.88%
Samsung 1.50%
MSI 1.50%
Alienware 1.13%
Medion 1.13%
Gateway 0.75%
Compaq 0.75%
Sahara 0.38%
NEC 0.38%
Apple 0.38%
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