e9806 0.07%
a8b24 0.07%
8f220 0.07%
411b7 0.07%
b61ea 0.78%
bac23 0.28%
17e18 0.14%
19ae7 0.14%
68d35 1.99%
78946 0.07%
7b4a5 0.36%
fea7d 0.07%
b3da0 3.70%
751df 0.21%
59559 0.07%
5cd6c 0.71%
1b713 0.07%
cecc9 0.07%
8b62c 3.63%
b0363 0.07%
c2b18 0.07%
20f96 10.74%
2cc28 3.77%
feb03 0.07%
aa5ee 0.07%
b8e2b 0.07%
37245 0.07%
457f3 0.07%
6f183 0.28%
b2b22 3.34%
68772 0.07%
0dfd4 0.07%
14aa1 0.07%
4e374 0.07%
b249b 0.07%
10921 7.54%
359e3 0.07%
d5c44 0.07%
0f90b 0.14%
03fe9 0.07%
03bc0 0.07%
b4627 0.07%
61824 5.12%
0feb4 0.14%
a9b39 3.20%
a1c1c 4.98%
6891a 0.28%
1948b 2.56%
934ef 2.70%
5edaf 0.14%
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(Note, Google Inc publishes each variation of this file with the same version, but the hashes are unique.)



By Google Inc (Signed)

Remove ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll


ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll has 91 known versions, the most recent one is . The average file size is about 412.18 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Google Inc by the certification authority VeriSign. The programs Google Chrome, Google Chrome Frame and Idle-Crawler have been observed as installing specific variations of ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll.


File name:ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\google\chrome\application\14.0.835.202\ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll
Issued to:Google Inc
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Thursday, November 13, 2014

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll.)
GigaClicks inc.
  87% remove
This spyware/adware program monitors a user's web browsing activity and captures click-stream data in order to aggregate and track a user's behavior including search and browse. This is done through i...
GigaClicks Inc.
  69% remove
Hyper Browser injects advertising in the user's Internet browser by running as an extension and/or add-on. Ads are delivered in the form of search-related ads, banner and video ads, and text-links (ro...
GigaClicks LP
  82% remove
According to the company, this software runs in the background of the user's PC and collects browsing habits and advertising data. "Idlecrawler is a software which is collecting data from the open ...
GigaClicks LP
  62% remove
"Idlecrawler is a software which is collecting data from the open sources in internet in 3 different fields such as: - google search engine result pages - advertising settings - twitter stream posts T...
Google Inc
6% remove
Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. It is designed to be secure, fast, simple and stable. Chrome supports plug-ins with the Netscape Plugin Appl...
Google Inc
12% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google Ch...
Google Inc
6% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google C...
Google Inc
1% remove
Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine. Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. There are extensive differences from its peers...
Google Inc
7% remove
Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for ...
Google Inc
11% remove
Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. Sites that utilize Google Ch...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll, select a unique version for details.)
Google Chrome plugin
Stored per user in the directory 'Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences'
  • Name: 'ppGoogleNaClPluginChrome.dll'

VersionsAll file variations of ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
e98069a4c551735298dbc9b64f6c7cad 87594b143949ceb6c85ecd9639565b14389792ef 403.05 KB
a8b244c5050aae9f30cce976c94fd916 ff6beef60d48922cebb51303486e001e2dd9e669 432.02 KB
8f2204290ecebfbc07fb555d4158f501 fdb31f89a6d80678fba506689f293d0f670e33f3 428.02 KB
411b714204c46d2d97541c128dfee596 574fee4d404c9d2f53861b9cb702c1749f928cbb 433.02 KB
b61ea3832f444fcfde333dd4cefbddf8 228f73d4cb8ee3a7ab38f03e8adaeb265c259130 432.02 KB
bac2319b2fa260de41427e04e7c34f2a f134fabb4ceee9f620b3c61f7853aead91732937 432.02 KB
17e1818933ca2fa00567a0aadee51e4b db9795ae52f1d078c3442217fa224e7deebae609 449.52 KB
19ae70d6e1de32b36725fc6926965915 82cf5074dc68186ab02d3ad349fb61dc2fbf0c77 418.98 KB
68d3573e3708bf5ee352e0d927ce256a d84693c6299c6987e1a468756b332785196dc5e2 449.52 KB
789460497d19761342520d676c9abad0 63f94edd87b805da9d6f8047f93f360db4f474c1 428.98 KB
7b4a5546d78f164a775f3afa66c96905 5b94cc7fe9071c78c591896b4be578f64ad73024 449.52 KB
fea7d15e38c3030d62d1c470e321f7c7 7bc364f30fd31b088ec3c45a522b2712c9514a67 431.48 KB
b3da04534b98f28e3341a87c19f2fbe6 2c8ad875d434eb94a767d62f692cb464bb09ed43 449.52 KB
751df8674b783df79d1e9c7a7bf3b9d1 4da0664ea80635e3e1409bc0a210c8601f9b8dea 449.52 KB
59559093dc14800fe436385974adda8a 718086be17a6286b2b3f3b616b840fc39def4a18 449.52 KB
5cd6c07b10fe462c7e66fc5da2aedfcd 3cb7198b357f08b2fcca09e3d0269c71650554b5 450.1 KB
1b713f2942032882251e146c2fd1a7dd a89edd0f641efb76f63ea6970467c2a681c3ad21 450.1 KB
cecc9e843135cea209bad8fcda3853f1 303363edea43613c408c2cbbb3b188580b5c77e0 401.55 KB
8b62c93760524569b9254db70b16d98b 42094db7fdda7b59190d66c7cda1039651f5e8f2 450.1 KB
b0363614e7fad7aaacd364d065416871 7d49e655adbb7f0e8236e6f768824e38fefbfa20 427.98 KB
c2b1810329c0a23c58e17276dcd2d9ef e131462199dbbfe25f118398a3a4c556e116fc84 449.52 KB
20f96530b774d20b8439b211a75daab9 1239fae8d66abb375a548565f2f10a519560ab54 450.1 KB
2cc285229d62d29e050ecc7af834c31a aa327df14db7a7107efe7747046ff94d1d977a0d 449.6 KB
feb0322cb3ff4b7fff036a0b2e6354bc 4aa2a12ce47dd075221a037da733c2d53a9a736e 449.6 KB
aa5eefd7d9375d3b4eda1d5c757f457b 74c11fc41382671035e6eee3f63c241fbdd9f2c3 319.55 KB
b8e2b81fd31a5e4374a4fd8e9e2687ac 979fcc48ed4e85c4c9a613ddb378847224d0ef74 449.6 KB
372458393b18a7e396bf83ea30b8836f ea7c60251d5ca3295c69a6e489bf273546bf43fe 449.6 KB
457f3ae8bb85accfebc6ecd301a71695 0c6a37f29732ac02b4ed4c601d4fd149f2d4659d 411.05 KB
6f183c73b84203be8f952037870ce570 688996bc0a6f6a78e05ddf740e514fd45ded2f4e 449.1 KB
b2b22dca3f64bc0f5f9adeeceb60106c 758ed4ffff78ee589e3c87334b8a3481b8d2635c 449.45 KB
687720eb5dbb87c29c970c9a7d42b501 8014c3d281b20a14341168f87285e0fd7a4c7740 449.52 KB
0dfd4090d0a978e1d0c15a7f278b748f a199e808e5b25ae687e4919c0e25e9d2ac1d5018 448.95 KB
14aa128cccf15b861465be166ca6c27a 1ba63d5dd0fdee22e5a0d160ef40d0554aa731dd 449.02 KB
4e374c679272b1771071db8d8a8daff7 9b7451928c7d2ec0279a56cd867f3015196339a5 409.05 KB
b249b82d860306725499ccfe8e715525 334437720a7e03473085edd05c824e4aafef93e9 433.02 KB
10921a9733a6dee90f98b059e278fbfe c11c0e698a4f6b8ccbbff43f101d4897c56226f7 449.45 KB
359e3ab0161154d310ea6acaeb6b3728 16c35653d2ebbf9e59c0187912db8a190b361a04 379.45 KB
d5c44178c29935ebfddc817791757fc0 2633e0f50fe9ef990a27e7b447ce412c83372e8e 449.45 KB
0f90b6b3f6e6e306c4ba303656b51d83 5d64f955adfda9ab938a9bc789d131bc26f280fd 448.95 KB
03fe998370b08de2158d74d95cf217b6 199e52339bc0fffdd65c57fa8491ae22fb462ad5 448.95 KB
03bc06c070908aed69ce21d9bf99a32f f173dd600157785775e4fd76bb6805d97c0e8223 380.95 KB
b46276968516ec510e8b7a71007633c9 aabb1b5d03d908d800597828f94bae5041fee530 380.45 KB
61824c5f77876d97f6523601074ac37e d0329c83c04612e2aaae3d7b10d191732bfbee59 448.95 KB
0feb4f0c773e25e4bf7935179d78f960 fcab9d99b026239dc9dbf32006bfe28c1e62f273 380.95 KB
a9b393ac430a5de0a4bbaf1a3e644a11 f9ee09bd340953b75094fa5716d41971b2eb79ae 448.95 KB
a1c1cbe2d3e407b8f16910e7f468276a 833bf85ddd6333eb982ab5cdb4ae98284078f90b 448.95 KB
6891a11498a700b66dabb0e6c918a2d0 a731c8889b6ccc363e107610c5ceafcc640af0f7 448.95 KB
1948bffb626f0065ba6911fe970e8483 877d0019599ab90e20e356bb82a957eeec4b0afd 380.95 KB
934ef71f24c5c1641db6e13e3eff0a78 b57b944f3bc0aa58bb9e9ef72b8f50ab252d3e75 380.95 KB
5edaf06d34e771b0d7639b455ae87ce7 9c1b647c73675a1f79daa1420b63d1e3d5cfec8a 383.95 KB
d68678e3a6fed6c81b5a2f5ce64a8e8f d0b945c8bb384313fc59fe772302d57573f989e9 383.95 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 29.75%
Windows 7 Ultimate 17.00%
Microsoft Windows XP 10.25%
Windows 8.1 7.50%
Windows 7 Professional 7.00%
Windows 8 5.00%
Windows 8 Pro 4.75%
Windows 8.1 Pro 3.75%
Windows Vista Home Premium 3.50%
Windows 8 Single Language 1.75%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.25%
Windows 8 Enterprise 1.25%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 1.00%
Windows Vista Home Basic 0.75%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 0.75%
Windows Seven Black Edition 0.50%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 0.50%
Windows 7 Starter 0.50%
Windows 8.1 Pro Preview 0.50%
Windows Vista Business 0.50%
Windows 7 Enterprise 0.50%
27 other Windows OS version

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 37.47% of ppgooglenaclpluginchrome.dll.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 19.96%
Hewlett-Packard 15.63%
ASUS 12.43%
Toshiba 12.43%
Acer 10.36%
Lenovo 7.53%
Sony 5.27%
Intel 3.01%
Samsung 1.88%
Compaq 1.51%
MSI 1.51%
American Megatrends 1.51%
Alienware 1.13%
Medion 0.75%
Sahara 0.56%
Gateway 0.38%
NEC 0.38%
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