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Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows Vista by Microsoft Windows PE 3 (Signed)

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Warning 3 antivirus scanners has detected malware in various versions of igdumd32.dll.


igdumd32.dll has 29 known versions, the most recent one is The average file size is about 3.19 MB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Microsoft Windows PE 3 by the certification authority Microsoft Digital Media Subordinate CA 2012.

What is igdumd32.dll?

LDDM User Mode Driver for the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, or GMA, is a series of Intel integrated graphics processors built into various motherboard chipsets. These integrated graphics products allow a PC to be built without a separate graphics card, which can reduce cost, power consumption and noise. They rely on the a PC's main memory for storage, which imposes a performance penalty, as both the CPU and GPU have to access memory over the same bus.

About igdumd32.dll (from Microsoft Windows PE 3)

The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator graphics core is an intelligent and responsive graphics engine built into the chipset that is on the motherboard. This integration provides incredible visual quali


File name:igdumd32.dll
Publisher:Intel Corporation
Product name:Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows Vista(R)
Description:LDDM User Mode Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology
Typical file path:C:\Windows\System32\igdumd32.dll
Issued to:Microsoft Windows PE 3
Authority (CA):Microsoft Digital Media Subordinate CA 2012
Effective date:Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Expiration date:Saturday, January 4, 2014

MalwareMalware detections

Based on 40+ industry antivirus scanners, 3 of them detected the following malware.
Antivirus engineEngine versionDetectionFile version
AVG 2014.0.3629 Suspicion: unknown virus
Comodo Internet Security 11361 Heur.Corrupt.PE
The Hacker W32/Behav-Heuristic-CorruptFile-EP

VersionsAll file variations of igdumd32.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
f58af7d93d9f0f3b327d4ccafcd7848c a23afcbd15fe6735bddf42ab1ec9ffccd8f47d49 3.65 MB
5f50e20d770ec2f650781cec49fa4d3a bf5297d1515e738d565e7c84e4e47462435474bf 3.65 MB
fdf8f16aebf9b24b68281a2703061f4f 811eedae602928f19935a4e760df90e620d66019 3.63 MB
a3e41dab39c11585a3e3887c8d3ac178 19ab27dfd62082d32eb0fb162126a46d34f33a23 3.64 MB
d2320d4ce2a31267a0e4c62fd52451c1 78ba6b9e2a950e039cfaba26555c3f1a494670fd 3.65 MB
ae797fc9bfac930dad017b6e58a88497 d025d0d9e815c369d9f5e5e43df890abdb686592 3.65 MB
2605d2277efa79234fb4a0a01fad757d 34a5571f4e89aa42c3881b6efcf08710f2aeec0d 3.65 MB
3b02b3016406e2021b79f007775d1dc1 aa51100d0c603cfc4c1c41354ac823f730d38970 3.65 MB
fccbbb1e6f922f76c1002f6ec8e82f69 16fc34af0265780a72d835da7e982a0f1e4551a1 3.65 MB
39c3b2eebee102adda573c346ff5f3b7 54f20225b95694a2eaaca5ca363cfa8bbe4f881d 3.65 MB
8e8b3f6ee28fff983075ce6f2c6dd723 46e429fcf1f1970e8df2a74ddff7ffdff4bef379 3.65 MB
f220b933150beff2e95eb79295464851 577dd63fa8f73d01889dfcd21c3b3c797d9a2379 3.65 MB
549ce1f38a28ce84b1c3043477f78362 0137a7416b71be8e8366b7cbfee3847c5ec17301 3.94 MB
0ff4adc942a9353c4aeb1d06eb22b34f 1ed19c4514083b1fa6298cd979d6e89832b6c7a1 3.64 MB
41b85f8047affe819c25b6939c4f14d0 807bd67c1c184432266ef7f2a1d2ea84e9845538 3.25 MB
552a78952c519dc69a454ad9acd80bf0 9eef8a52c75240c796afd448fb1d5fc73a1b7e77 3.25 MB
4dde920ee3fb815d21cf218d85704e3e ddc653f81281af084f00763bc062a3b5cdd88bae 3.16 MB
caebede181bfcdb3f0b2406d328ed899 278fad95909741dd934313862c71361ce0421314 3.16 MB
238c3965dd2e6d2c59d79a3125ce8a0a 094fc739689f763c98f7be3242f011554341918f 3.16 MB
779add05a8a48ffb481257ca3f1093d2 2eb818c4710a43a72b1613d19fc84724f226c182 3.15 MB
cadb1c9b8ce4f23ec49bd3b713dbe027 2ce481161822b609e0031a03ce428bbb9e2b58bc 3.15 MB
784485b6bf7f0156d3cf64e8a91d1ce6 79b2a81eb7c11ea875af1785404de4fcf2675ac9 3.15 MB
c9fc759d903b3ed249acec90678fb015 33fabd608907049e99c9665c284b3c4f9ca6cfec 2.46 MB
4e5464ec70a2be2b250aee6670cc326b e6f8e7baeac824e9a931361405547e10aaf55c46 2.38 MB
7be97f43723dc53b65a6de5fca76e4c2 ab99917d78fcf54a61790c5669b47284c42256c1 2.38 MB
a1e66c7762c438ca31c5ad056162ee20 33d0510ab5cc45593c8cc8118a0e0d52af1732a8 2.43 MB
6aab6153a1c58aaf8184244842a80fae 94897e962d5b9cc86e1a2877b653977f6d62962b 2.01 MB
66888fb49915359980404c67303d95df 3eaa3ac5b0755396c1a503b0529cb97a1541ab09 2.01 MB
97fed660364844a183d9846badf3f21a ac58aa09efdaa6cb0432b70dff08e0ec3067fdeb 1.98 MB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows Vista Home Premium 19.05%
Windows Vista Business 19.05%
Windows 8 Pro 19.05%
Windows 7 Ultimate 9.52%
Windows Vista Home Basic 9.52%
Windows 8.1 Pro 4.76%
Windows 7 Home Premium 4.76%
Windows 7 Starter 4.76%
Windows 7 Enterprise 4.76%
Windows 8 Release Preview 4.76%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 40.00% of Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for Windows Vista(R).

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 47.62%
Hewlett-Packard 14.29%
Intel 9.52%
ASUS 9.52%
Sony 9.52%
Samsung 4.76%
Acer 4.76%
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